Veto Override of the 2019 State & Capital Budget January 20, 2020….


“Breaking News” that never gets old sharing…..

You can clearly see by the Votes above who is controlled by the Illegal Binding Caucus Rule and the Special Interests of Alaska.  Those people you see in Green in the Pictures above, clearly spells it all out for everyone to see. Those Legislators above no longer work for Alaskans that Voted for them. The Special Interests of Alaska have them firmly in their control. Making sure their Master Puppets are pulling all to their Caucused, Legislators, Puppet strings.

A prime example of that is by Looking at how fast Representative Gabrielle LeDoux​ has flipped her Vote to a yes.  She saw campaign ad stars in her eyes, for that vote. She never votes Yes when it really counts or for what here constituents want. Her Yes Vote was against their wishes on this day. But she knew if she didn’t Vote Yes with the Socialist Democrat/Rino’s in control of the Illegal Binding Caucus Rule and who paid for her to win her seat back in 2018.  She would pay the ultimate cost and be stripped of all committees and Staff.  Just like every Republican Legislator has have happen to them, that has listened to the Voices of the People they represent and Votes the way they ask them too, not Selling out Our Voices/Votes to the Illegal Binding Caucus.

Thank goodness David Nelson campaigned against her this year and beat her out in the Primary with overwhelming votes wiping her off the map.  Looks like he did it again during our General Election against the Democrat running against him.  But Votes are still coming in and the Democrat in the race is catching up quickly.

All Rino’s Like Representative Gabrielle Ledoux who will Sell Out Our Voices/Votes to be in the Illegal Binding Caucus need to Go. We Alaskans know the truth. Just listen to what she has to say when giving her reason to vote the way she did, on the Veto Override above. She didn’t hide the fact that she knew this wasn’t going to pass and wanted to make sure she didn’t have a target put on her back by going against those in control of the Socialist Democrat/Rino’s Binding Caucus. In the Video below, listen for yourselves what she had to say.   I have keyed this video to start at the 2hr 46min mark where her statements are made.  If you truly want to know who the Legislators are that will be heading back to Juneau this year.  Start this Video from the beginning and watch it all the way through.  It’s a real eye opener if you follow the politics in Juneau like I do, who these legislators really are and the principles the stand for. 

Speaking of Rino’s…. Representative Gary Knopp proves once again by his vote on this day who he truly represents. We have been hearing about this Socialist Rino ever since he sided with the Democrats and turned control of the House over to them. Just look up what he had to say last year when it came to signing away our PFD and turning it into a “Budget Item” and “Tax Revenue” in 2018 and 2019.

Unfortunately he died during the Primaries due to flying his plane illegally and killed himself and everyone else in the plane that he hit.  Ron Gillham was running against him this year and he appears to be the winner now in the General Election happening right now.  Hope he makes it to Juneau. 

Now we have Roger Holland for Alaska who has stepped forward and took out the Far Left Rino Senator Cathy Giessel.  One of the Rino Legislators who was also one of the 4 in the Senate that completely controlled the Votes using the Illegal Binding Caucus Rule.  

Just look at what she did to anyone who Voted No. Every single one of them have been stripped of committees, staff,  and the Democrats, Recall Dunleavy, Save Our State, Alaska AFL-CIO all came out in record numbers bashing them for doing want the Alaskans they represent told them to do and not what the Minority Special Interests above and all the other Socialist trying to steal our money told them they to do, or else…… PAY THE PRICE!  (You know….  Stripping them of All committees, staff & offices, ETC…  Making sure the Alaskans they represent, no longer has a Voice in Juneau)

Now we have Senator Natasha von Imhof who has made it very clear who she takes her marching orders from. The Rasmuson Foundation (You know…  The Foundation that her Family owns and which she sits on the board of.)  They are the ones pulling her strings. Make no mistake in thinking she is innocent for what is happening. She is in full control of their Votes in the Senate using the Illegal Binding Caucus Rule, as one of the 4 Puppet Masters pulling the rest of their strings in the Senate. Making sure they all Capitulate the Socialist Agenda they have for us all.  Did I mention?  She also sat as the Finance Chair in the Senate who was dictating how much of the State & Capital Budget was to go to her Family…  Can you say “Conflict of Interest”?

Have you read about her Vision for the Future of the PFD?  It’s a Must Read… The lawbreakers that are listed in Green above are all on this Agenda, that she has laid out for us and the Future of the Budget and how to pay for it all using our PFD’s.

Here she was in Eagle River talking to the Chamber of Commerce there.  I just happen to be in the area and did a Live steam of what she has to say about the PFD and her Socialist Dreams she has on how to spend it all. 

(This Video below has been Disabled by Facebook and will not play, this is the only Video this has ever happened to.) My guess is that big money was paid to Facebook to make sure Alaskans didn’t hear how corrupt Senator Natasha von Imhof really is and all the Money she has Funneled into the Rasmuson Foundation as Senate Finance Chair.  What I have written on that Video below clearly points out the highlights of what they made sure you couldn’t watch.  Couple of good links there also that expands on who she really is and the Plans the Legislators have when they get back to Juneau in January of 2021.

Good news though….   She went to the Alaska Common Ground repeating to them all about how her Socialist Dreams of Stealing all of our PFD’s to fund her families business the Rasmuson Foundation, ski trails, bike paths and parks. Exclaiming they are all more important the following the Laws we have and paying us our Statutory PFD’s.  

Can’t forget about Mayor Ethan Berkowitz​. He has declared that they to should be getting a huge share of our PFD’s to pay for Anchorage’s budget.

Within Minutes it seems, the Socialist Democrat Rep. Bryce Edgmon comes out and starts putting targets on the Backs of ever person that voted No. He made this very clear that this vote wasn’t about the People of Alaska. It has everything to do with the people that are Pulling his Puppet Strings there in Juneau. Illegal Binding Caucus Rules are all that matters to him. Exposing & getting rid of the people that actually follow Alaska’s Constitution, Statues and Laws is what this vote was all about. Their Agenda they have for Alaska, requires them to not follow a single one of them:

So what are other Legislators coming out and saying about all of this? Representative Tiffany Zulkosky statement here makes it very clear, the Veto Vote today wasn’t about restoring funding. This is them, using this Dog and Pony Show to start campaigning for the November Elections and they are marking those, whose strings they cannot pull, to be removed.

Minority Leader Representative Lance Pruitt​ comes out shortly after the vote happens and makes it very clear what this vote was all about. Like I have said about a dozen times now, the Socialist Democrat/Rino’s were looking to put Targets on anyone that is following Alaska’s Constitution, Statutes and Laws:

The vote above was:
37 Yeas 20 Nays “Vetoes Stay”

The outcome for this today was known before it ever began. I would like to say that several Senators Stood out among the crowd! Senator Lora Reinbold​, Senator Shelley Hughes​, State Senator Mike Shower​, you three Rock!

Huge shout out to Senator Shelley Hughes for breaking out the truth about our PFD’s and Ferries. That was some truths that had to be said. Thank You!

The Alaska House Majority​, Alaska Senate Majority​, Alaska Senate Democrats​, Alaska House Republicans​ encourages Alaskans to follow along as 38 Socialist Democrats/Rino Lawbreaking Legislators hold a joint floor session to consider overriding these Vetoes. Fortunately they only found 37. For the average person, the Leaders of the Senate and House want you would think the 37 Votes was the Majority. In reality, there is a reason they make it 45 to override. Just in case you have one party, like the Socialist Democrat/Rino’s in control of he House and Senate and they try to take over all legislative affairs.

All this was about, is them trying to gain more leverage to the Recall Dunleavy, Alaska AFL-CIO and Save Our State to name just a few who want to take our Governor Out. They will use this Win in November by playing the “Feeling Card”. Saying Look at how we Voted knowing full well it wouldn’t pass. But it sure does make us look good doesn’t it?

The focus they had was on just two items the Legislature attempted to fund both using Illegal Binding Caucus Rules last year by overriding the Governors first Vetoes, but the Our Governor wisely rejected it last year and with a vote of 37-20 today, clearly they never had the 45 votes they needed to override the Vetoes, then or now.

So what was this fight today over? Why the Special Gathering of both sides:

School bond debt payments to cities and boroughs (that the school districts have $500 Million to pay for hidden away in their Rainy Day/Slush Fund Accounts), and a $5 million investment the Alaska Marine Highway System. (That Governor Mike Dunleavy has in a supplemental budget coming out in two weeks that will already add $12.5 Million back to the Ferries Budget). They want you to also believe that all the Ferries breaking down at the exact same time is the Governors Fault. That having zero Ferries running was because he cut the funding.  That the  brand new motor which Blew Up in the ferries maiden voyage that just left Seattle coming here, was his doing. That these ferries neglect for Decades and them all needing extensive repair was caused by him, in just six very short months since last years budget went into effect. Not a Penny that was cut from them would have addressed what is happening with them right now and these same Lawbreaking 38 Legislators don’t want to take responsibility for “Decades” of neglect, under funding for upkeep that, them and past Governors caused to happen.

45 of 60 lawmakers must vote for an override in order for these programs to be refunded by the Governor from last years Vetoes. Again they knew they didn’t have the Votes to make this happen. This was just a giant waste of time.  Just a Dog and Pony Show being put on, to cater to the Far Left of Alaska Special Interests to make it appear they care.

Click the link to watch it all happen before your very eyes!

October 19, 2020:

Every Name in Green Pictured Above has Sold Our Voices/Votes to be in the Illegal Binding Caucus of Alaska. At least 7 of them was removed on August 18, 2020 in the Primaries. Now it is time to remove the rest of them on November 3, 2020!

Every Legislator in Juneau that I would choose to Vote for was given out just a few weeks ago. The Socialist Democrats/Rino’s only care about what the “Special Interests” pulling their strings have to say. You may have seen them all storming the Steps of the Capital in Juneau. Astro Turfing at the BLM Protests and giving testimonies/speeches when picking of the new Acting Mayor for Anchorage last week or seen Alaska AFL-CIO congratulating them on their wins the last few days.

Those in Green Pictured Above are ones that only care to cater to the Special Interests (Alaska AFL-CIO, NEA Alaska, Rasmusson Foundation, AFN, CIRI, Recall Dunleavy, Save Our State to name just a few….).

These very same organizations and Lawbreaking Legislators above in Green have failed to address the Aging Fleet of Ferries for decades. You would think after all of these years prior to Governor Dunleavy taking Office they would have done something to fix it. But like any corrupt Democrat/Rino Republican, you might as well just assume they planned it this way. They all just keep breaking down.

This is also what happens when Alaskans expect the State to pay for their way of life, where they choose to live and not make them pay for it like the rest of Alaska already does for their choices of where to live that is Rural. They think we are all to stupid to know that they have planes and other Freight Companies they could hire to do what the Ferries do. They just don’t want to pay what it costs to use them.

They are the ones who think $3.6 Billion we Spent on DHSS last year just wasn’t enough. They need to take More of our PFD’s to jack that total Higher.  Expand the free healthcare that they get.  

Our Alaskan Welfare Cry Babies is all they are…. Sad.


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