Legislators in Juneau only know how to do two things. Lie to us and break the Laws that we have….


How can we every trust anything they tell us? When it appears that our Legislators in Juneau only know how to do two things. Lie to us and break the Laws that we have.

Can I say: “I Told You So…..”
Lawbreaking Legislators Incumbents in Juneau are running ads claiming what is inside this report is all “Fake News”.
Sad part is, this matches what I put into print the day they announced the $600 Million Supplemental to the Budget last 31st Legislative Session.
Politadick Lowest Budget in 15 years:
State Senator Mike Shower​ Keep up the good work exposing the lies about our State Budget that the Swamp in Juneau want to keep buried.
As a follow up to the budget Facebook live here Wednesday.
From Senator Mike Shower:
Some are asking for comparisons. Here they are from 2019-2021 – importantly however – the 2021 number still lacks the supplemental – which will only increase it. In addition this is before any personal bills pass which generally increase spending – haven’t seen much in the way of reductions in spending legislation though we’ve had many promises of such. Also as I’ve explained previously, we’ve been told there are cooked into the books spending increases we’ve been locked into by previous legislatures & governors (anywhere from $100 to $200 million a year).
The trend is government growth not reduction. Believe what you wish these are the numbers.
From an economics professor compiled from open source state data.
Please share. 
The FY21 budget doesn’t have any supplements yet. So, it’s not a complete number. Comparing it to FY20’s final budget (as some people are doing) is very misleading. Here are the numbers:
FY20 as passed = $5.2B
FY20 after vetoes = $4.9B
FY20 after supplementals = $5.5B
FY19 after supplements = $5.5B
FY20 total cuts = $0.0B
FY21 as passed = $5.4B
FY20 as passed = $5.2B
FY21 to FY20 at same point = +$204M
FY21 after vetoes = $4.9B
FY20 after vetoes = $5.2B
FY21 compared to FY20 at same point = +$361M
FY21 as passed = $5.4B
FY21 after vetoes = $5.2B
FY21 vetoes = $218M
So, yes – The FY21 budget so far is $305 million below what we spent in FY20. $218 million of those reductions happened by veto and not legislative action. And, we don’t know what FY21 final will be until the supplementals come in. I’m guessing it will be more than the $305M.
Anyone claiming credit for making budget cuts in FY21 is lying. First, we don’t know that any cuts will stick after the supplementals hit. Second, the vast majority of the current reduction is from the governor’s vetoes. By all objective measures, FY21 saw a budget increase to date and is on track to exceed FY20 spending.
Link to Senator Shower’s posting of this above:

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