How Alaska Can Cut $700 Million Off Of Our State & Capital Budget….


No Tourists, No Oil, No New Mines, Commercial Fishing Struggling to find a market to buy it. Food costs going through the roof and our Alaskan Governments solution to the problem is to Tax Us More and Steal More of the PFD.

Sometimes it takes a Crisis to fix a very old problem. Don’t you think its time we try something different? They have proven it can be done. Now Let’s take advantage of it and see about making the change permanent.

It only costs on average of about $5,500 per student to run a Virtual Classroom VS the on average of $15,000-$18,000 per student, we have now.

I have done the research and compared what Virtual Classrooms are doing Scholastically compared to our Brick and Mortar Schools that we have. Virtual Schools are performing 90% better then our Brick and Mortar have been doing, for decades now and have a 98% Graduation Rate.

Alaskans, we have nothing to lose by trying. We are already dead Last providing an education at the highest costs in the Nation.

Stop Believing the Lies these Incumbent Legislators keep telling us all. They have over and over again proven they don’t work for “All Alaskans”. They campaign on empty promises saying they are wanting to go to Juneau and Cut the Budget, protect our PFD’s. Instead when they get there. They craft legislation that Increases the Budget, Steals More of Our PFD’s. Don’t you think its Time to hold these Lying Legislators to the promises they make us all to get elected?  I’m really hoping Alaskans Voted Smart this year and got people into Juneau that will work to Change the Business as Usual they have had going on there for decades now.

Just in case you think they are short on Funds to Cover this years Budget. They have nearly $6 Billion sitting in Slush Fund/Rainy Day Accounts that they could use to pay for this years “Entire Budget” without using a penny of our PFD’s. Just Imagine if they were to Cut the Budget…. How Much of that money that would never be needed and could be saved for an Actual Rainy Day…..

Stop Believing their Lies. Vote these Lawbreaking Democrat/Rino Republicans out of Office. 


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