“Electile Disfunction”

Hellooooooooo My fellow Alaskans….
Do you suffer from “Electile Disfunction?”
If So, We At Politadick MD, Have The Cure!
Hundreds of Thousands of Alaskans, Millions of Americans are afflicted by this horrible, deflating disease every single year.
Never Fear! Politadick MD is here to save the day! Me & My Cracker Jack Medical Team have the Cure! All it takes is for you to take just one of “Our All American Red, White & Blue Patriot Pills” and you will find all of your Electile Dysfunction Problems Magically Disappear!
This “Red, White & Blue Pill” will once again have you Voting when that “Special Time Comes”, holding our ballot Solidly in hand. With Very Firm, Rock Hard, Solid Convictions Once Again.
Your Support will help make sure that our Cracker Jack Medical Team at Politadick MD have the resources necessary to combat all of our Electile Disfunction problems that Our MSM & Government like to cover up.
I hope you enjoyed that video as much as I did making it!
Ok…. It’s Time to get Serious!
We at Politadick are working hard to expose for all Alaskans to see, Uncut & Unfiltered, what our local, State & Federal Bureaucracies wants to hide.
You hear from them all the time that those working in Healthcare, Education, Unions, Government, Non-Profits, For-Profit, Foundations/Organizations, Etc…. They need more money! Meanwhile they are spending Millions, upon Millions each year to get the people they want elected, into office. Just so they can keep lining their bank accounts with Hundreds of Millions/Billions each year of “Our Money” to produce the worst results in the Nation, at the highest costs. You know who they are, the Special Interests getting the Big Bucks from Our Local, State & Federal government every single year.
They like telling us all that they have “The Cure!!!” For all of our “Electile Disfunction“ Problems. They blast the airways with their “Dark Money”, telling us who to Vote for & How to Vote on “Ballot Measures” like their current Fear Mongering campaign, Don’t “Vote Yes” for the “Constitutional Convention”. They know if it happens, that free lunch they get from the hard work we all do, just to survive, will be cut off.
They will do everything in their power to prevent Everyday Alaskans from taking the power they wield away. They have spent “Decades” manipulating the Alaska Constitution, Judicial Branch, State & Local Governments to keep themselves well funded. They Can’t Afford to have us Voting “Yes on One” for the ConCon. All that money they spent to control the Votes in Alaska’s Governments, might get taken away. Their Gravy Train might get cut off if that happens. Their Indoctrination Camps might get defunded & reorganized.
We can’t have that now, can we?
Crime, Murder, Drugs, Rioting, Illegal Aliens, Inflation, Jungle Primaries, Ranked Choice Voting, Fauchie Ouchie, Weaponizing IRS & Judicial Branch to come after anyone that doesn’t follow their Agenda.
They say there is Nothing to See Here, Look Away! Even questioning it, gets you censored & banned.
They want us to ignore what they are doing to the public education system. To pretend that “DIE” Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, (“CRT Rebranded”) is not teaching our children to see racism everywhere they look. That Boys are Girls & Girls are now Boys. Science has become what you Feel & not what reality says it is. That our schools now know, how to raise our children better, than we do.
What they are doing in our schools is an indoctrination & is destroying any chance for our children to get a Quality Education. Alaska is Ranked #52 as of January 2022, costing double to triple the costs to operate compared to anywhere else in the Nation. Just to be the Worst in the Nation & they want more money.
Everything We Need To Survive is going “Through The Roof!” Gas, Food, Rent, Housing, Electricity, Heating Oil Costs, Etc…. Skyrocketing Beyond Anything, You, Me, or Our Families, Can Bring Home.
Prior to the Pandemic. Only 18% of Alaska’s population was living on Welfare, of one form or another. Now a Whopping 35% are. Small business have been closing their doors all over the place because they cannot find people who are willing to work for a living.
I could go on for hours about what is happening here in Alaska, but I would rather be Live-Streaming all the Action Un-Filtered & Un-Cut instead.

Help Us Combat the Ministry of  Misinformation, Defeat the Far Left MSM & Government Narratives they keep spinning to us all by “Supporting What Matters!”

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