Maria Athens… The Story that MSM, Anchorage Assembly & the Far Left Socialist in Anchorage want to make sure is kept buried…

Maria Athens said she had/has the story of the year. We saw her get thrown in jail and been rumored she now has a Gag Order out against her.  Making sure she doesn’t spill the dirt.
Ex-Socialist Dictator Mayor Ethan Berkowitz was able to show the world what an @$ He truly is.  He immediately came out and 100% denied what she had to say in her video here. 
From the grapevine… it is rumored that Maria Athens has been fired from her job at Fox News, ABC, CW for posting this Video where she says to watch the News last night for more details about this breaking story.

Is it “Fake News”?


Are they doing Damage Control trying to keep us all from finding out the truth?

From what I have learned. It would not be the first time that our Mayor has pulled out his attorneys and bullied a person or media company into submission to keep what is happening from making it to the mainstream public.

So what is the truth? Why are the Wagons now circling to protect Mayor Ethan Berkowitz?

We all know what Maria Athens said in the Video.  Now will she be able to confirm the second part of what she said there?

Did he really upload pictures, like the one below to an underage girls website?

As I said earlier about this Breaking News.


Here is his Press Release denying everything she had to say.   
Socialist Dictator Mayor Ethan Berkowitz Press Release 10/9/2020 denying it all
Since the Mayor decided to use a blanket excuse for his denial about what she had to say in the video.  Maria Athens posted this onto Facebook.  The partial truth comes out. The Ex-Mayor Ethan Berkowitz was found guilty of having an illicit affair with his Mistress.
Now that you’ve seen it, you just can’t forget it, nor understand how he could have denied it.  He came out and said the APD & FBI had investigated it in less than 24 hrs after this story broke.  Trying to claim to us all it was nothing but lies. 
Mayor Ethan Berkowitz Hairy A$$
Mayor Ethan Berkowitz Hairy A$$
Maria Athens Breaking the News & Dispelling the Fake News
Maria Athens Breaking the News & Dispelling the Fake News

In just four short days and what is posted above had him recanting that lie and resigning just 4 short days later.

Here we are outside the Assembly Chambers when the news is announced that he had just resigned inside:

Since Ex-Mayor Ethan Berkowitz’s resignation.  MSM and every Far Left organization have been keeping a tight lid on this story.  Making sure nobody is digging for the hidden bodies lurking in some closet out there.  Many questions remain unanswered.  We know they lied about the FBI & APD investigations.  Have you ever heard of anybody doing an investigation in less than 24 hours?  Then we can’t forget about his Press Release right after that announcement.  Next to have him backpaddle his denial and admit he was having an Illicit Affair with Maria Athens turning in his resignation right after that.  I’m sure Ethan Berkowitz’s wife is really impressed to find out she was cheated on through the news.  What a disgrace he was to his family and our the MOA.  

Is this the end of what is to come?  According to what Maria Athens has to say.  This is far from being over:

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