Punishment Delivered By The Senate Republican Leadership: The Conservative Members that don’t 100% Sell Out Our Voices or Votes to the Illegal Binding Caucus take beating &…..

“Illegal Binding Caucus Rule”
There is only one way to start this post and that is begin at the beginning.
Once again the “Illegal Binding Caucus Rule” destroys any chance of Alaskans having any voice with what happens in Juneau.
Four members have now been stripped of everything. 160,000 Alaskans now have no voice representing them in Juneau.
Updated June 21, 2020:
Once again using the “Illegal Binding Caucus”. Four Alaskan Legislators have been told they no longer have a voice in our Government. Those in charge of the Binding Caucus don’t work for the Constituents they are suppose to represent. They have their Marching Orders given to them by those running the Recall Dunleavy Campaign.
So Why is Alaska in such bad shape?
Rep. Bryce Edgmon, Senator Natasha von Imholf and Senator Cathy Giessel who are in full control of the Illegal Binding Caucuses made up of just 10 people who are telling the Majority in Juneau how they will Vote or will be stripped of any representation they may of had in Juneau.
Capitulate, Capitulate, Capitulate screams the Minority Special Interests. We have Bought and paid for you to be in charge and you will Capitulate the Agenda. Blackmail, Coercion, Extortion, are their tools of trade. Follow the Agenda or pay the Price. Just like these four, who were made examples out of, for listening to their Constituents they represent and not following The Illegal Binding Caucuses Will.
Wake Up Alaskans. How long are you going to let these corrupt Politicians remain in Power?
Updated August 2, 2020:
This very corrupt Legislator below has an Agenda and it’s whatever Recall Dunleavy wants her to do. If you don’t listen to what she tells you to do and comply with the Illegal Binding Caucus Rule you will be punished.
Just look what she did to Senator Shelley Hughes, Senator Mike Shower, Senator Lora Reinbold when they didn’t Capitulate the Agenda. They were Punished and stripped of everything and they Silenced all the Alaskans Voices they they represent while in Juneau:
Updated September 21, 2020:
Alaskans should be Terrified to know that local Incumbent Lawbreaking Legislators have had $150,000 Bucks of Outside Money thrown into their Campaigns. We should be even more terrified knowing that an additional $3 Million has been thrown into the Far Left Socialist Campaign to Remove Senator Dan Sullivan from his seat.
They are worried that the Lawbreaking Legislators who they have bought and paid for, will lose their Races this year & the Democrats desperately want our U.S. Senate Seat that Senator Dan Sullivan has, will be one by him again, thwarting their chances to take over the Senate.
They only want people to will who will Sell Out our Votes/Voices here and in Washington. That’s why the Democrats are now shuffling who will be running in the General Election and throwing mega bucks into their campaigns from outside Special Interests.
These Outside Special Interests are desperately trying to make sure they keep their Power and Control they have in Juneau & desperate to have the same happen in DC. They want the same Life Destroying Legislators who only care to keep growing our Bloated Budget and keeping the Special Interests of Alaska & DC well feed. Locally using our PFD’s to do it, and turning us into Another California.
Time for Alaskans to Wake Up and Vote these Lawbreaking Legislators out of Office and Hand them their Pink Slips. Things like what is written below need to end if we are ever going to change the downward spiral our State is currently heading in.
We don’t need Legislators that Support the Illegal Binding Caucus who will sell out our Voices/Votes once they get into Juneau. Vote Smart Alaskans. We need to change the Players in Juneau if we are ever going to get things to change for the Better.
Updated October 19, 2020:
Stop Believing the Lies these Incumbent Legislators keep telling us all. They have over and over again proven they don’t work for “All Alaskans”. They campaign on empty promises saying they are wanting to go to Juneau and Cut the Budget, protect our PFD’s. Instead when they get there. They craft legislation that Increases the Budget, Steals More of Our PFD’s. Time to Vote these Lying Legislators Out this year. Vote Smart and let’s get people into Juneau that will work to Change the Business as Usual they have going on there.
Just in case you think they are short on Funds to Cover this years Budget. They have nearly $6 Billion sitting in Slush Fund/Rainy Day Accounts that they could use to pay for this years “Entire Budget” without using a penny of our PFD’s. Just Imagine if they were to Cut the Budget…. How Much of that money that would never be needed and could be saved for an Actual Rainy Day…..
Stop Believing their Lies. Vote these Lawbreaking Democrat/Rino Republicans out of Office. Early Voting in Alaska Begins Today. Get Out and Vote like your Lives and Livelihoods Depend on It. Because It Does!!!!
Updated November 12, 2020:
How to Know Alaskans are going to be Screwed once again this year? Those that will be heading to Juneau have Openly Admitted they have Zero Plans to Cut the Budget.
They Openly Declare that having an Illegal Binding Caucus is the only way to run things in Juneau.
They openly admit they will be Selling out our Voices and Votes to be in the Illegal Binding Caucus and if they Vote the way their constituents have asked them to do. What is below, is what they will do to them.
The Illegal Binding Caucus Rule: Without even knowing what is in the bills that will be passed in the future, they have, by agreeing to be in that Illegal Binding Caucus, already committed themselves to be a Yes Vote. Bottom line to it all…..
“They have sold us all out once again to the Special Interests of Alaska.”
Click on the “Must Read Alaska Article below.  This is what the Future of Alaska is going to look like again this year if they don’t get rid of the “Illegal Binding Caucus Rule”.

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