Convicts, Coin Flips & Carman’s Cabal


“Carman’s Cabal”

Part Two to:
Convicts and Coin Flips Have Decided
Our Elections in Alaska!

The corruption in our Alaska Elections and those who are in charge of the Parties has only gotten worse over the years and we have Allowed “Convicts and Coin Flips” to Decide Our Elections in Alaska, one too many times.  But the corruption in our elections isn’t just limited to those who are voting in them.  Today we are going to expose one District in Alaska that is fraught with fraud by the party leaders running them. 

If you haven’t read the first part of the Series, here is the link for that: 

Today we are going to expose District 9 and those who run it along with the felon who not only voted, but had a significant influence in multiple House of Representatives elections. 

Questions I have asked and found the documented proof to back them up:

–  Did District 9 Chair Carol Carmon commit campaign or election fraud while raising funds for her district?
–  Why were documented felons encouraged to influence and vote in our elections? 
–  Why didn’t the Chair of District 9 make sure our Elections are not corrupted?   
–  Why didn’t the Precinct Leaders and high-ranking officials in the district and the Alaska Republican Party make sure our elections are not corrupted?

It’s obvious that those in charge of this District knew for years that it was happening and said nothing.  There is a scandal afoot my fellow Alaskans and we are here to expose it, for everyone to see.

Carol Carman, District 9 Chair and Head of the Alaska Republican Assembly (AKRA) page, is married to Jody (AKA Joe) Carman.  Jody has a very nasty past which we are exposing for all Alaskans to see.  From all appearances, Carol is complicit in helping him hide his real identity and in fact, may be an accomplice to committing countless crimes while raising money for the District 9 that she chairs and funneling that money to Rep. George Rauscher for years now.

“Here are the Facts that they don’t want you to know”

You might be wondering at this point why the mention of George Rauscher is in this.  In my previous article, “Convicts and Coin Flips Have Decided Our Elections in Alaska”. I exposed a known felon that was voting in our elections.  Rep. George Rauscher started an investigation and had all the felons they could find removed from the Voter Rolls.  Jody Carman was one of those voters – a felon who had voted in every borough and state election since 2010.  Jody’s criminal behavior didn’t stop with just voting in our elections, he even donated a 30.06 Savage rifle to the District 9 fundraiser in July of 2018.  (See photo of FB post dated July 17, 2018).  The money that was being raised that night, was supposed to be split between Rep. George Rauscher and Senator Mike Shower.  For some reason though, all the proceeds went to just one candidate:  George Rauscher.

Now we all know it is illegal for a Convicted Felon to own or be in possession of firearm and anyone who knowingly allows a convicted felon access to be in possession of one or own a firearm, is also guilty of a felony.  So, unless Carol Carman has no knowledge of Jody (AKA “Joe”) Carman’s past convictions (Listed Below), which I highly doubt, she knows she is living with a violent pedophile, who has had access to a firearm and even promoted that he (Jody) was “Personally” donating it to the fundraiser.  

Now did she buy a firearm for him?  Was it a gift? Did he purchase it prior to his conviction or afterwards?  Does he have a special waiver to be allowed to own this gun?  As far as I have been able to uncover, the answers to these questions are still unknown. But going by what our laws are.  He isn’t allowed to own one.  Eager to build up the value of the gun, they advertised that it had never been fired, though this fact doesn’t really doesn’t matter.  But it clearly shows she had knowledge of and allowed a convicted felon access to a firearm.   Corruption on full display for all to see and those in control of things, don’t want you to know this.

“Why does this Matter?”

During the 2018 Election process Carol forced a District 9 pre-primary endorsement of George Rauscher.  Shutting out another qualified Republican candidates running against George and the funds from this and other fundraiser’s were used for George’s campaign to the tune of more than $80,000 in 2018. 

It also appears that “Joe” Carman and Rep. George Rauscher have known each other a while. Rep. George Rauscher has even claimed on his own website to have the endorsement of “Joe”.   As of this posting, no other candidate has been found listing “Joe” Carman as endorsing them. Why would they? Unless you know Joe personally and even then Joe has no real involvement or influence in politics except through his wife Carol.   Or does he?  George listing his so-called endorsement on his “endorsement page” looks pretty suspicious when you start putting all the pieces together.   

Ironic isn’t it? 

What makes this all ironic is that Joe (Jody) Carman can’t legally vote.  As a violent child rapist, he is a convicted felon.  But that didn’t stop him from doing it; he voted from 2010-2017. 

Maybe by listing Joe (Jody) Carman, it was a hidden signal to the politicos in the district that Carol is endorsing Rep. George Rauscher over any other qualified candidates running.  Is that confusing?  Maybe it’s supposed to be.

“So who is Joe (Jody) Carman”

Jody was convicted of “Rape of a Child” in the 3rd degree in Snohomish county back in 2003.  That was a long time ago and we’d all like to think people can be rehabilitated and maybe as a sex offender, he has.  Due to this conviction, he is ineligible to Vote.

So how does this implicate Carol you might ask? 

Well it appears “Joe” as she refers to him, is an alias and he hasn’t registered “Joe” as an alias. As a sex offender, it is illegal not to list “All” Aliases that are used.

Joe could be back to jail here real soon for failing to register properly. They both appear to be trying to hide his real identity from the unsuspecting public and district members.

In fact, Jody testified at the Mat-Su Borough Assembly meeting on June 2nd of this year.  Remarkably, of all things, about election fraud and introduced himself to the Borough Assembly as “Joe,” which is an unregistered, illegal alias.

You might be thinking to yourself by now that people deserve a second chance.  They can change.  Don’t judge them by what was, but by who they are now, and who they can become. Just wait, there is more to this story, but we need to fill in a few more details first.

So what’s the outcome of all the corruption and fraud in District 9?

When you consider that the vast majority of the $92,787.33 that George Rauscher received in donations through 2018 that has been based on the Carman Cabal’s influence, it becomes clear, at the very least, the 2018 primary election results would have been strikingly different were it not for, the Carman’s illegal influence.

Without the Carman’s manipulating the district into a pre-primary endorsement of George Rauscher, he would not have had the money to run a meaningful campaign against his primary opponent Pamela Goode.

Some charitable folks would say it’s not fair to mention Jody’s rape of a child since he’s had 17 years to rehab or reform his life since that conviction in 2003.  Normally that would be true, but not in the case of Jody Carman – and as you’ll see, it certainly appears as if Carol seems to have exploited Jody’s propensity to criminal behavior.

Time to break down some history, without it….   The relevant Facts are just not complete.

It became obvious the more I dug into who Jody (Joe) Carman is, that he wasn’t interested in reforming his ways and ending his criminal behavior, so mention of the rape of a child in Washington State doesn’t just make sense, it actually begs another question:  who is exploiting who is this ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ marriage?  To what degree is Jody driving the narrative, or is Carol exploiting the criminal tendencies of a man who clearly lacks the ability to ‘just say no?’

Time line of Jody’s criminal behavior and convictions begins, from what I have found, in 2001:

–  2001 – Rape of a child (reports indicate he got drunk and raped his 15 year old step-daughter)
–  2003 – Convicted, Rape of a Child, 3rd Degree, RCW 9A.44.079
–  2009 – Sport fishing violation
–  2010 – Civil protective order (Domestic Violence Court Order in divorce from previous wife)
–  2010 – Civil protective order (Domestic Violence Court Order in divorce from previous wife)
–  2010 – Speeding violation, 20(+) mph over limit in school zone
–  2010 – Illegal voting – Republican Primary
–  2010 – Illegal voting – General Election
–  2012 – Illegal voting – Republican Primary
–  2012 – Illegal voting – General Election
–  2013 – Driving without insurance
–  2013 – Driving w/o headlight
–  2014 – Illegal voting – Republican Primary
–  2014 – Illegal voting – General Election
–  2015 – Illegal donation to George Rauscher using an alias (12/15/2015)
–  2015 – Assault 1 – Serious Injury, Weapon, Class B Felony
–  2015 – DUI, Class A Misdemeanor
–  2016 – Illegal donation to George Rauscher using an alias (7/13/2016)
–  2016 – Illegal non-monetary donation to George Rauscher using an alias (7/13/2016)
–  2016 – Illegal donation to George Rauscher using an alias (8/13/2016)
–  2016 – Illegal voting – Republican Primary
–  2016 – Illegal voting – General Election
–  2017 – Illegal voting – Mat-Su Borough
–  2018 – Illegal non-monetary donation to George Rauscher using an alias (1/6/2018)
–  2018 – Illegal donation to George Rauscher using an alias (1/6/2018)

–  2018 – Illegal possession of a firearm (7/17/2018)
–  2018 – Illegal donation / sale of a firearm (8/1/2018)
–  2018 – Illegal donation to George Rauscher using an alias (8/1/2018)

It’s unclear when his marriage to Carol began, but Jody’s previous wife filed protective orders on September 27th of 2010, and again on November 29th and another one on January 20th and March 16th  of 2011 citing:

–  9/27/2010 – threatened ex-wife’s son
–  9/27/2010 – threatened to burn down ex-wife’s house
–  9/27/2010 – has not registered new home on sex-offender registry
–  1/20/2011 – attempted to break-into ex-wife’s house with shovel
–  1/20/2011 – attacked ex-wife’s son with a baseball bat
–  1/20/2011 – Domestic Violence Court recognizes firearms possession is illegal

After taking a glimpse into Jody Carman’s work and criminal history, several things need to be pointed out.  He is required to report his entire employer’s information on the sex offender registry – something he often fails to do. With few exceptions, it doesn’t appear Jody has been able to hold steady employment.  In fact, it seems without Republican Party officials helping, Carman wouldn’t have much income at all.

For example:  when Jody (Joe) Carman was making illegal donations to George Rauscher, he was working for Premier Janitorial, which is owned by Jason Johnson.  Jason Johnson’s father, Ron, holds a prominent position within the Alaska Republican Party and seems to have either enabled or defended the Carman’s corruptions many times.  His position as Region Representative and presence at many District 9 meetings and activities indicates both his knowledge of Carman’s corruption as well as his consent. 

Additionally, Ron Johnson’s promotion and even sponsorship of many District 9 activities and events indicates the possibility of complicity.  Take for example the night Jody Carman illegally donated a 30.06 rifle that he also illegally owned and had possession of.  Ron Johnson was one of the sponsors of that event and actively promoted it.

Does Johnson’s promotion of the event where Jody (Joe) Carman illegally donated a gun (remember, felons who rape children can’t own guns) imply that Johnson colluded with Carman? 

Not at All. 

However, as a Republican Party official who knows about Carman’s felonies, does Johnson have an excuse for turning a blind eye? 

No, Not at All.

If all we had to work with were Johnson’s apparent blind eye to Carman’s illegal campaign donations, we may not have brought up Johnson’s name.  Unfortunately, there’s more to it than just ignorance or a blind eye.

Ron Johnson’s role in Party Leadership requires that he knows the rules and sets an example for the districts under his leadership to follow.  Unfortunately, if all the districts followed Johnson’s example, they would be knee deep in election and campaign finance fraud. 

For example, beginning in February of 2016, Johnson made the first of five campaign donations to Rauscher, the first of which was $100 in cash donated by Ron Johnson on February 25th.  While we could split hairs on the fact that Ron’s wife made the rest of the donations, those donations show bias and preference during a period where party officers are prohibited from showing bias towards any candidate.

Just so we are all on the same page here.  During the Primaries they are not allowed to show favoritism for any one candidate.  They must be treated equally during this period of time.  If this was what was happening, then we should have seen all candidates receive the same donations made to them also.

Was this the first time Johnson or any others like him in the Alaska Republican Party violated campaign finance rules? 

Certainly not. 

Was it a single error on Johnson’s part? 

Definitely not. 

I’m sure by now you are wondering why this investigation and article is being written.  Bottom line is, to expose the fraud and corruption in the Alaska electoral process.  How can we possibly fix the campaign finance and election fraud problems at the city, borough, and state levels if we can’t even get the two primary parties to purge themselves of corruption?

So what’s the outcome of all the corruption and fraud in District 9?

The answer to that is found in another question: 

Can you guess how much of the $92,787.33 that George Rauscher has received in donations since 2016, has been based on the Carman Cabal’s influence? 

Simple Answer….   “Almost All of It”

Another question we’ve got to ask:  Why do Jody (AKA Joe) and Carol Carman have such enthusiasm for George Rauscher?  Is Rauscher so squeaky clean that he lends some kind of credibility, or are they all cut from the same cloth?

As this photo from the June 2, 2020 Mat-Su Borough Assembly meeting shows, Rauscher and Carman certainly are comfortable sitting together… do birds of a feather really flock together?

Getting back to campaign finance and elections:  when you consider that the vast majority of the $92,787.33 that George Rauscher received in donations through 2018 has been based on the Carman Cabal’s influence, it becomes clear that at the very least, the 2018 primary election results would have been strikingly different were it not for the Carman’s illegal influence.

Without the Carman’s manipulating the district into a pre-primary endorsement of George Rauscher, he would not have had the District and State Party endorsements, nor the money those endorsements unlocks to run a meaningful campaign against his primary opponent Pamela Goode in 2018.  Without the Carman Cabal’s pre-primary endorsement in 2020, it’s easy to see how much money comes with District and State Party endorsements.

Comparing donations with and without a District or State endorsement, you can see the huge difference those endorsements make!

Donations in 2018 at the 30 Day Reporting Cutoff:  $18,111.16 by getting endorsements

Donations to date 2020:  $2,030.38 without getting endorsements yet…

If the donation reports above are any indication of how dependent Rauscher is on the Carman Cabal’s influence, then it’s clear Rauscher’s re-election in 2018 may never have happened.

While we focused more on Jody Carman’s illegal voting, ownership, possession and donation of firearms as examples of corruption in District 9, there’s much more to the story as District 9 insiders certainly have more to tell about Carol Carman’s abuse of power for George Rauscher’s benefit.

So was the 2018 re-election of George Rauscher just another example of Convicts and Coin Flips deciding our Elections? 

You decide…   Often where there’s smoke, there is fire. 

And to anyone willing to look just beneath the surface here in District 9, the obvious crimes and corruption are likely just a symptom of the real disease that’s lingering in the secret, members only, teleconferences and Zoom meetings that are all too common under Carol Carman’s Cabal, and throughout the rest of Alaska.

Updated August 4, 2020:

Link to Part One of Convicts and Coinflips:


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