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“Convicts and Coin Flips Decide Elections in Alaska Continued”
Protect our Elections from Fraudulent Votes from Stealing our Elections. This Video here was a continuation of the first steps taken last year to address Election Integrity in our State.
Here is the Zoom Meeting that everything was discussed in:
The corruption that is happening in the USA regarding our current voting systems is a topic that MSM tries very hard to keep hidden. In this video here we will learn how easy it it is to change election results on the Voting Machines that we use here in Alaska. Why Voting by Mail is ripe for Voter Fraud. Time for Alaskans to learn the truth.
Coming up on the November Ballot will be “Ranked Choice Voting”. If you don’t know what that is. What is Ranked Choice Voting? Simply put. It eliminates the Parties in our government and allows you to vote for all candidates running. Click this link here to get a full breakdown how “Ranked Choice Voting” works with a sample race. Video attached is when our Legislators had discussion about Ranked Choice Voting in Juneau on March 10, 2020:
If your still thinking this is a good thing. Look up Iowa and what happened to Bernie Sanders using Ranked Choice Voting.
The link here is when concerned Alaskans had the first public discussions about Voting Integrity. Discussing the letter that was to be sent to the Governor Mike Dunleavy and LT. Governor Meyer.
On March 25, 2020 Alaska Supreme Court listened to the arguments given by Better Elections VS LT Governor Kevin Meyer. It has become painfully clear after hearing what was said during this, that our Supreme Court is looking to change the way voting happens in Alaska. Two months later they came out with their verdict.
Video to their verdict issued on May 8, 2020 allowing this to head to the Ballot in our November Elections:
Time for Alaskans to wakeup and start getting involved before it is to late to change things. Tomorrow at 9 am our Alaska legislators are going to hear from Better Elections and decide if they will make this into a Law that forces “All Alaskans” to use “Ranked Choice Voting” in all our Primary Elections.
We here at Politadick have begun our own investigations regarding Voter Integrity in our elections. One to many of them have been won by just one vote. In 2006 the Election was decided by a flip of a coin. We have uncovered that Felons that were and believe still are voting in our Elections.
Click this link to read all about what we are uncovering and this is a series that we will be expanding the information on over the next couple of months. Voter Fraud is happening in our State. They just don’t want to investigate it.

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