You are only considered a Racists if you don’t Agree with their Agenda…


Mayor Ethan Berkowitz​ was on KWHL and like any really bad politician who can’t answer simple questions does. Completely avoids answering the questions.

Right out of the gate he couldn’t give an answer why heart attacks, people dying from cancer, any other non covid related deaths numbers have dropped this year by nearly the same number that the Covid-19 deaths have increased.

They won’t tell us how many have Actually Died of Covid. They only report how many people had it when they died. If George Floyd wasn’t killed by the police and made public. He would have been one more person they would have counted as a Covid Death.

Now as for the $22.5 Million they want to spend on buildings for homeless and rehabilitation centers. That they have been talking about since the first time Anchorage tried to add that 5% alcohol tax nearly two years ago and failed. But passed this time.

The Mayor wants us all to believe that, that is why they were given the $154 million Covid Cares Act money is for, to address problems that are not Covid Related. He also wanted to point out all the Racist comments that have been sent to him in emails about it. But when challenged about Assembly Member Chris Constants Racist Anti-Semitic remarks made to the Rabbi. He sounded very offended about having that pointed out, especially since he, up till this point in time, had never been asked by the Local MSM because they never put anything into print about that.

Listed to the whole thing. It’s a very short interview and it truly exposes how corrupt the Dictator Mayor Ethan Spendowitz and Anchorage Assembly really are. 

Updated October 19, 2020:

Just when we though we might finally get rid of a Dictator Mayor once and for all with his Sexting and possibly even worse then that if the rumors are true about uploading Pictures to an Underage Website. The Assembly and Far Left Special Interests like Alaska-AFL-CIO, NEA Alaska, CIRI, Recall Dunleavy all meet behind closed doors. Excluding the Citizens of Anchorage and put into place another Dictator as Acting Mayor that is even worse then the last one.

Can I say I told you so. The discrimination and tyrant, dictator regime continues in Anchorage. The soon to be Ex-Mayor Ethan Berkowitz replacement is already proving things can and will get worse for Anchorage.

Never forget the Ex-Mayor and Assemby have declared we are all racist if we don’t agree with their Agenda. When the decision to make Quin Davidson the next acting Mayor. The place was packed with people who have never shown up a single time before with already prepared speeches to “Astro Turf” their acceptance of this very Extreme Far Left person to take one of the most powerful positions in Alaska.

Mob Boss Vince Beltrami (head of Alaska AFL-CIO), Rasmussen Foundation (owned and operated by Senator Natasha von Imhof) and Rep Zack Fields was in attendance ready to declare their support. the room was packed with people that knew who they had picked in closed to the public meeting deciding the future and fate of Anchorage.

The corruption in Alaska is on full display for everyone to see. Sad knowing people who live there are such sheep waiting in line to be lead to the slaughter.

I’m sad to see and know Alaskans are allowing our lives to be dictated by the most extreme that live here. Allowing our Union Leaders and Legislators to dictate what our lives will be like without a single consideration from us Alaskans that they are suppose to be representing.


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