How to know if Alaska is Screwed in the 32nd Legislative Session starting in January 2020….


If we don’t start paying attention to what got us all in this mess in the first place. We are bound to repeat the same mistakes.

Our Legislators don’t want you to remember the empty promises they make during this election season. They are the same empty promises they make every election season.

The only thing that has remained consistent is their willingness to raise the budget up year after year and never cut a penny from what they are spending. Instead… they just steal More & More of our PFD’s to pay for it all.

Thank You Senator Lora Reinbold!

For the Second year in a row you have proven when the final Vote comes around and the Illegal Binding Caucus demanded you Vote Yes and when it goes against everything your constituents have asked you to do. You keep your word and do as we (Constituents) have requested of you.

“Thank You!”

Every single Republican that was at January 4ths Town Hall that I live-steamed. We all told you all what we expected from you in Juneau. Obviously when it came to the final Vote when it Really Counted, Senator Lora Reinbold was the only one to keep their promises to us all.

Thank You for being one of the only Legislators, that kept their promise to us all!

Here is a link to that Town Hall and the marching orders given to you all on that day:

After researching Senator Lora Reinbold’s voting record. She has for the last Six Years in a row Voted to do what “All Alaskans”, her voice represents, has asked her to do.
As for Every single one of them below in Green and White, whether they like it or not, Sold Out “All Alaskans” to the Caucus and Special Interests.

We need your Help… 

Exposing the Corruption that is happening in Juneau and around our Great State of Alaska has turned into a fulltime job. We are working hard to report what MSM won’t tell us, expose our Corrupt Legislators for who they really are and what they don’t want you to know. But, we need your help to do it. By Chipping in a couple of bucks, we will be able to expand our reach and improve our content to you! Help Us Grow and Chip in a few dollars today. 

We are just getting started! 

Politadick, Exposing the Corruption in Alaska with Facts, that Local Media won’t dare show you!

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