Why are Alaska Legislators Breaking Law? The Statutory PFD Law…

Alaska's PFD and what it really is worth & why are Alaska Legislators Breaking the Law to Steal It

Remember our Legislators claimed because the Stock market had tanked for a very short time that we don’t have enough money in it. They are taking one bad month of the Market and saying we lost everything.

Liars! $9.9 Billion has been made this year. $7.9 of that is actual cash not dependent of future gains once sold. They could have paid every penny they have stolen from us the last five years, kept all that pork in the budget that was Vetoed and still had Over $3 Billion over what was in it before this years total earnings started.

Stop believing the Lies Alaskans. It took me two seconds to look up what the PFD ERA made this year. Stop the Theft!

Contact Save The PFD and become one of Alaska’s Permanent Fund Defenders!

On May 4, 2020:  The Stock Market has been holding pretty steady for months now throughout this whole Virus Crisis. Here is what it was three weeks ago. They called this one a record gains day…. Hilarious when you know the market has been holding between 23,000-24,000 for months and months now:

Our Lawbreaking Legislators of Alaska could have given Alaskans every penny they have stolen from us all since day one and still have a Billion in Profits sitting there until next year. But those greedy S.O.B.’s think only they are allowed to spend our money.

Stand Up for Your Rights Alaskans!

Save The PFD and become a Permanent Fund Defenders Today!

The last number listed there is how much our PFD has earned in just this past year. They Owe Us All $7,700.00 they have stolen over the last five years. To pay us all back would only cost $5 Billion of the $6.2 Billion in Profits the fund has made in just the Past Year.

Stop believing their lies when they say they can’t pay us our Statutory PFD. It’s not that they Can’t Pay it. It’s that they just don’t want to.

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