Union Dues Have Bought & Paid For Alaska Democrats To Keep Them Well Funded. Have you OPTED Out Yet?…..

Alaska AFL-CIO likes to think they are above the law.  Good Ole Boy Vince Beltrami knows if Alaskans start standing up for their freedoms to choose to be in a Union or Not.   The choice to no longer allow themselves to be dictated to and threatened, stop being lied to that if they don’t join, they won’t get the same pay, benefits or possibly, no job at all. (These Are All Lies) But that is exactly what they are saying on all the MSM outlets and from the Union Boss Vince Beltrami to be true.
The Janus Rule that AG Clarkson and Governor Mike Dunleavy want changed will only affect Government Workers. Instead of automatically being Opted in. They will need to actually fill out the paperwork and send it to the Union if they want to join and all their dues are to be sent separately from them and not directly pulled from their paychecks and paid to the Unions from our Government like they are now.
So what is the big deal here? The Unions will still be able to have their Unions. What they are fighting for is keeping People from finally being able to have choice, if they want to be in one or not, if they work for the Government.
Just so Alaskans get a really clear picture here.
60,000 People are in Unions here in Alaska.
22,000 of them work for the State.
$500.00 a year per person paid to the Unions, (Minimum Average).
$30,000,000 Million Dollars a year from Alaskans the Union Thugs get.
$30 Million a Year!
Hmmmm….. I think they are just a little worried the won’t have the financial clout to push the Socialist Agenda, using Alaskans Money, to fund their Special Interests lobbyist in Juneau and keep their near 7 Figure Salaries well funded if everything works out. There Financial Platform to Preach from, will shrivel up like the Clinton Foundation did, after the 2016 Election was over.
Now in all honesty they could lose anywhere from 1% – 33% of their members. Nobody really knows. If only those Union Members, All 60,000 here in Alaska knew they can’t lose their jobs by opting out.
Why does Alaska AFL-CIO think it right to step on peoples rights to be able to choose? What are they really afraid will happen to them when this happens? What are they Afraid of?
No surprised that they are suing the state to change the Janus Rule. The left never likes to follow the laws, anything that gives you the freedom to choose and not be dictated to. This is why there was nothing done when it was passed under Walkers term.  Walker was just another Far Left Stooge on their payroll.
Just for you Governor Mike Dunleavy. Here is a link to Case Law to be used to Win the Lawsuit about paying Union Dues, here in Alaska, it backs up everything you are trying to do:
On September 26, 2019 Governor Mike Dunleavy comes out and declares that AG Clarkson’s opinion has been weigh in on and how it will now be Implemented. Glorious watching Vince melting down over this and the Far Left that count on those dues to pay for their lobbyist to fly to Juneau every year and pay for all the Political Ads that they seem to run, nonstop.
Link to AG Clarkson explaining the Janus Rule:
Link to Governors announcement base on AG’s opinion given above.  Due to Facebook Blocking the links to be added to our Article.  We have provided links to both Part One and Part Two here:
From AkGovPress: “Today, Alaska Attorney General Kevin Clarkson released a formal opinion on the State of Alaska’s compliance with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Janus v AFSCME.
The opinion concludes by stating: “The State must implement a new process for ensuring that an employee’s consent to payroll deductions for union dues and fees is knowing, intelligent, and voluntary.”
Read the entire opinion at: http://akgov.us/654eb
Now Alaska AFL-CIO is terrified that Alaskans will wake up and realize what a scam the Unions are, when it comes to Government Employees.
Save our State is blasting the Airwaves that Governor Mike Dunleavy is spending $700,000 on attorneys to fight this case.
What people should be really upset about is Alaska AFL-CIO rakes in a minimum of over $30,000,000 a year, yes you read that right, “Minimum of $30 Million a Year” from Alaskans and uses that money to fund the Far Left like Recall Dunleavy and Save Our State. To show fake outrage when things like API and the Ferry are finally being held accountable for their actions and expenditures. The only time any of these groups seem to care about any of it, was once their 6 figure Salaries were put on the chopping block.
Alaska AFL-CIO is desperate to keep it’s power and control over Alaskans. They are pushing a lot of propaganda about how we will have all of these untrained people using chewing gum to fix leaks and electricians will stick a fork in the socket to see if there is electricity there or not. If Unions weren’t in control.
The truth is, they see all those Millions a year they bilk out of 60,000 Alaskans to keep their Multi-Million a year empire running strong. Will Disappear before their very eyes, if people would only understand what the “Janus Rule” is. What’s even worse, they tell the very same Alaskans who was just hired by a company, Alaska Government that to keep their job, they must go and visit the Union and fill out one of these forms to join them.
Making sure never to mention to them, this isn’t required to keep their jobs. How would you like to know that even though you are 100% qualified for the job and already been hired, to keep your job, you have to join? Unbelievable that this could happen in today’s world. Well that is exactly what other people thought also.
Here came the Janus Rule! Freedom of Choice! You have read that correctly. You have the Freedom of Choice. Their are many Electric Companies in this state that do phenomenal work and are not unionized. This goes for plumbers and ever other job you can think of that they claim they have control over. Even Teachers!
Wake Up Alaskans. Name the last time your Union really did a damn thing for your that your Employer didn’t pay for first?
Link to the Form they require people to fill out: 
If you haven’t seen how corrupt the Unions are financing and campaigning for Democrats in our Local politics, how much control they actually have in them. Just take a look at what the Democrats in the House of Representatives was promoting for what seems feels like the millionth time now. They talk about how many people that have left the Unions. That this is a “Bad Thing” to have happen. They are at record low numbers.
Let’s put what I just said into perspective. This is the same House, who ran an Illegal Impeachment, completely ignored our Constitution and any semblance of “Due Process of law”. They have a Healthcare Bill that gives Illegal Aliens, healthcare it for Free. Another one that will gives them the right to be able to buy guns. This is only 2 of the 400 Destructive, Socialist, Illegal Alien Catering, Bills that they have passed through the House this year.
Wake Up Alaskans! It is all about, “Power, Control and the Multi-Billions they make”!
Never forget you do not have to join a Union to work in any State Job. This includes every Teacher in Alaska! Just think how big of a raise you could give yourselves, just by not paying those Union Dues.
On March 24, 2020, Senator Lora Reinbold breaks it all down in this no holds bar explanation on the Senate Floor and expressing why Alaska needs to be enforcing the Janus Rule. Alaska AFL-CIO from what I heard immediately got up onto their Soapboxes and was demanding this legislator retract what was said.
The don’t want the Truth to be heard by every Alaskan, about all the Corruption and how much control they have over the Caucuses (Legislators) in Juneau. They also don’t want you to know they are the one’s that are running the Recall Dunleavy Campaign:
Updated July 28, 2020: Governor Mike Dunleavy signed an Executive Order Nearly Three Weeks ago that allows you to Op-Out Immediately from the Unions. Time for Alaskans to Start putting that money back into their own pockets and not into people that have an Agenda in Politics to pay for.
Recall Dunleavy, I mean Alaska AFL-CIO (Alaskan Unions) don’t want this to happen. They think only they have the right to tell our legislators who can and cannot cut the budget. Only they have the right to dictate how our cities and State Budgets gets spent. Just like with our PFD’s. They made sure that the Lions Share of the Covid-19 Cares Act money has gone directly into their bank accounts.
Here is a Link that will show you how easy it really is to Op-Out of the Unions that only use your money to keep electing the Socialists we have in Juneau. If you don’t believe me. Look at the people they endorse every year. Is anybody surprised its the Democrats or Rino’s that keep passing some of the Highest budgets in Alaska’s History.
Here is the link to Op-Out:
Updated August 18, 2020: 
Just a few more posts that have been done on this subject to be added to this one: 
Tons of links on this post here that goes into everything involving what has Happened since our Governor and AG announce our State would be the first to comply with the “Janus Rule”. Senator Lora Reinbold on the floor of the Senate explaining why the Janus Rule needs to Happen. She Rocked it here. Court Hearing over this etc…. Plus many other links on this since day One.
Updated September 4, 2020:
They are too busy spending your money, our money trying to buy our elections, dismantle our State by throwing in with BLM and financing the Recall against our Governor. Without your money to use. They can no longer be destroying our lives, our futures & buying the winners in our elections, like they just did again in the Primaries and again during our General Election….. I’m sure you have heard all of their “Sponsored Ads” targeting the conservative candidates that are running. After Losing “Seven” of their bought and paid for legislators in the Primaries. They are desperate to make sure those who beat them out don’t make it to Juneau. They know their days are numbered if that is to happen.
Natasha von Imhof was losing before the Absentee Ballots were counted in the Primaries. Guess who made sure she had the Votes that won her that one….?
Op-Out today!!

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