Liar, Looter, Traitor and Thief… Recall Cathy Giessel


From now on this post will be a tribute to Senator Cathy Giessel.

Liar, Looters, Traitor, Thief “Recall Cathy Giessel

We will start this out with a link to the Vote to Replace the Late Senator Chris Birch. This is what really defines what is happening this year in Juneau. Follow he Caucus and what we say to steal the PFD or you are out. She promptly Rejected Rep. Laddie Shaw. We all though we had a win with Senator Josh Revak. But it looks by all the new responsibility he has received as a “Freshman” Politician. He has be bought and paid for handsomely,
Link to the Vote:…/a.1634797359914…/2476916935702646/

Link to Senator Josh Revak’s payoff:

No post would be complete unless you have a copy of all the promises that were made to get Elected. She Lied to all the people she is Suppose to be representing

Extortion, Blackmail, Coercion, Threats, Intimidation, Stripping them of any voice they may of had in their Districts they Represent. This isn’t limited to the Senate Alone. The House is also Masters at playing the Game:

Do as I say says Queen Giessel or off with your Heads. Capitulate, Capitulate! If you don’t obey me you will pay the price. Off with your Heads:

How do the people in her District truly feel about her? Take a look for yourselves:

The Day is July 8, 2019: Live in Wasilla getting ready for the Second Special Session to begin in Wasilla. Biggest question on everyone’s minds. Where is Giessel and the other 37 Lawbreaking Legislators that were suppose to be there? Laws and Statutes in the books only Matter if it fits their Agenda. Those 38 Lawbreaking Legislators didn’t want to face the Majority of Alaskans. They couldn’t face us and tell us the truth they were turning our PFD’s into “Tax Revenue” with the Illegally crafted HB/SB 2001:

State of the State Union Address that Governor Mike Dunleavy gave. Replayed it last night right after watching President Donald J. Trump’s State of the Union Address. I would swear Pelosi was sitting behind our Governor and the only thing missing was her tearing it up at the very end of it:
Link to the Alaska State of the State Address:

Governor Mike Dunleavy delivers the State of the State Address!

· 0:00 Governor Mike Dunleavy is doing what it takes to right this sinking ship that we call Home! Keep up the good work Governor. The delusional far left commenting here are the reason you were voted into office.

· 1:44 Giessel is watching her Caucus like a hawk right now. Giving them the don’t you dare clap for anything he has to say. I own you all. You do as I and Senator Natasha von Imhof and Senator Lyman Hoffman tell you! Or we will strip you of everything like we have done to State Senator Mike Shower, Senator Shelley Hughes and Senator Lora Reinbold.

· 3:27 Giessel….. I can care less what you are saying, the Special Interests of Alaska have given us our marching orders. Nothing you say or do will change that.

· 0:00 Poor Poor Senator Cathy Giessel and Rep. Bryce Edgmon are melting down as his agenda doesn’t match the Special Interests pulling their strings. Isn’t that right Recall Dunleavy.

· 7:52 For the first time Giessel looks at him. He just threatened her caucus rules there.

· 9:38 Alaska is Open for Business! Get those mines opened, the new well pumping, our timber being harvested and planted, our fish being fished by Alaskans.

· 9:56 Thank You Governor Mike Dunleavy

· 0:00 Making Alaska Great Again! Governor Mike Dunleavy 2022!

· 0:00 Yes they are. Those who don’t live here should have no say on what happens here!

· 0:00 Now if we could get this two Lawbreaking Legislators Behind him to listen to us and not the Special Interests our State will grow!

Can’t forget to add in the Sham Veto Special Joint Session they had to have. One big giant campaign ad for them all to use into November. They new the Supplemental Budget was just about to come out. If this was really that important for the funding to be added back in. Why wasn’t the Pioneer Homes and all the Medicaid Cuts included in that Sham Veto Override Special Joint Session they had to have? Alaskans know the truth. They were just catering to the Special Interests of Alaska and the Recall effort. DDS runs strong in these ones. Yoda Declares:

Uncut Version with the At Eases still attached:

So what did the Senate Majority come out and Claim Right Afterwards:

In this Video here. How many times can you hear Giessel declare the PFD is Tax Revenue, theirs to use to pay Special Interests and Alaskans have no right to any of it unless they say we do. 

It’s only 8 Minutes long:

Original Airing On FB:


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