Alaska's Education System is Failing our Children. We are Number One in the Nation for State Spending and Dead last for the Quality of Education.


Alaska’s Schools are failing across the State and our School Boards and Educators claim that with more money, they can fix this problem. Highest spending in 50 States with the worst results to show for it.

Don’t you think it is time to change that?

As long as our schools continue to put Diversity and Gold Stars for just showing up as their top priorities. Alaska’s schools will always rank dead last.

click the link below. It has a interactive map that you can click on your school and see how well they are doing. Click the “Rare Green” ones and compare them to the “Overwhelming Red” ones on the map.

Below is the Peaks Testing Data Interactive Map for Alaska and the results on it are disturbing. Clearly those shining Star Schools the Left of Alaska keeps telling us they are doing so well. Clearly are nothing but fabricated lies. The Red on the map in overwhelming


This link here is where Senator Lora Reinbold called out the Superintendent of our Schools. They want to Defend why Alaska is ranked 51 out of 52 as the worst school systems in the Nation:

It’s not all bad news though. The School Board actually made the right choice for once and is keeping the apprenticeship program running. Since what they are producing right now barely makes them qualified to work at McDonald’s. This way they can get a good paying job with the Skills they learn in it:
Click this link to read what they graciously kept in place:

Are you aware that Alaska K-12 is currently holding meetings to decide what to teach our children over the next few years. They are not changing anything that will improve being Ranked near Dead Last for the quality of education they get here. Doesn’t do anything to address why we are #1 on spending with the worst results. But sure does make all those teachers feel good handing out some shiny new books and their Gold Stars.
Click this link to read all about it:

I tried an experiment here the other day…. I compared the results from my Pet Rock named Einstein and bunch of kids taking a test on True and False questions.

Now Einstein when flipped and it’s head was up in the air. This was for True. When it landed on it’s face and it’s tail was up in the air….. Duh… This was False.

1 Pet Rock, 4 Kids, 20 Questions. Take a lucky guess who had the most right answers when the testing was done…..

Answer:  Pet Rock Wins!!


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