How much money are our Legislators really spending on our State & Capital Budget in 2020….

I Love “Breaking News”!

What a week we have had! It is time to expose the dirt for everyone to see.

Alaska Senate MajorityAlaska Senate DemocratsAlaska House Majority all came out and declared that this is the ‘Highest Supplemental Budget in History”!

Flashback in time. Last year they passed a $250 Million Dollar Blank Check in last years budget (2019). (See “Pork List” Below) Now, the Devastating Fires that were not out at the time of the original posting of this around Alaska were not out yet. Things were still burning to the ground, long after their last days in Juneau. Winter Storms did some major destruction throughout Alaska. We are also still recovering from the Earthquake and the damage that had caused. They “All” knew this Giant bill was coming.

Now, name me one year since the Expansion of Medicaid. Has there not been a year they needed to add $100 Million or more to cover the shortfalls they always seem to have?

Did you hear that all of those cuts that were put back in for Medicaid, can be cut? In layman’s terms. All they need to do is the “Paper Work” legislatively to change what is needed, to make those cuts possible. Maybe you heard Representative Ivy Spohnholz bragging just a few short weeks ago about how they Saved $170 Million in Savings with the Bill that she passed. Obviously that is just a Fabricated Lie when you have this kind of Supplemental being added back in just for it:

The OMB report in the link below shows where that money is going. It has all the details that the Far Left PFD Stealing, Lawbreaking, Thieves, that continue to flip their middle fingers to Alaskans, to Alaska’s Constitution, Statutes and Laws if it doesn’t match their agenda. It is sickening reading them all coming out and blaming decades of neglect with the Ferries, Healthcare Expansion that has added “Billions” of debt since the Executive order Walker had signed, saddling us all with it and wasteful pork spending ($5 Million in Gold Coins), just continue to Bankrupt our Great State of Alaska. they continue to steal what doesn’t belong to them (our PFD’s) to pay for it all.

They don’t want to do what it will take to have a balanced budget. They have worked hard for the last five years. Not doing their jobs, but working hard to make sure to Lock In their grips on the Permanent Fund Corpus and PFD’s ERA to fund the Socialist Special Interests forever.

(Hint: This is why they don’t want an Audit done on all Departments and every inch of the Budget. How can you claim there is no way to cut the budget if you know were all the Pork is actually being spent at. Why can’t they cut the budget? Because they don’t want to do the work it will take, to make them happen)

Below is the Press Release given by the Governors Office. After seeing and hearing everything the Lawbreaking Legislators have come out with. How many of these Items did they Highlight and Blame Decades of Neglect all on the Governor for? Disturbing knowing the Corrupt Lawbreaking Legislators are the only ones to blame for the failures, they have all turned out to be.

For Immediate Release 20-017

“Dunleavy Administration Releases FY20 Supplemental Bill

February 5, 2020 (Juneau) – The Dunleavy administration today released the FY20 supplemental bill to cover the unanticipated costs from two natural disasters and Medicaid services and programs. The legislation also contains funding to continue to improve public safety in Alaska, repair transportation infrastructure, and provide mental health and elder care services.

“The state has unanticipated and significant costs that will have to be covered this year through supplemental appropriation legislation,” said Governor Mike Dunleavy. “We still have significant earthquake damage that needs to be repaired, in addition to last summer’s massive wildfires that drained the disaster account, and an abrupt change in direction by the federal government on Medicaid funding. My administration will continue to make every effort to keep State spending in check and will continue to push for constitutional amendments that cap the State budget, allow Alaskans to approve any proposed State taxes, and secure the PFD for Alaskans today and in the future.”

The supplemental bill, SB 174 / HB 234, totals $262.5 million in unrestricted general funds and $225 million in Federal matching funds for a total of $507.9 million. The cost to extinguish the wildfires, repair earthquake damage, and fund Medicaid services, accounts for $250.4 million of the $262.5 million in unrestricted general funds.

Key items of interest in the FY20 supplemental bill:

• $110.5 million in State funds to cover expenses following last summer’s devastating wildfires in the Southcentral and Interior regions of the state

• $3 million in State funds for infrastructure repairs from the 2018 Cook Inlet Earthquake

• $128 million in State funds for Medicaid services

• $6.7 million in State funds to hire new Alaska State Troopers, Wildlife Troopers, and purchase Trooper equipment

• $1 million in State funds for the Pioneer Home Payment Assistance Program

• $6 million in State funds to achieve full capacity at the Alaska Psychiatric Institute

• $12.050 million in Marine Highway receipts for the Alaska Marine Highway System

Additional information on the FY20 supplemental bill can be found on the Office of Management and Budget webpage.”

Link to OMB Web Page:…/21_bu…/Supp/FY20SuppBill_2-3-20.pdf

Link to The “Pork List” here. I reported about it the very first time in July of 2019:

February 29, 2020: Three Weeks Ago…… We broke the news about the Supplemental Budget. Just this past week our Lawbreaking Legislators had a vote on it in the House. If it wasn’t for the three that were excused. The vote would have been 38 Yeas and 2 Nays to pass it. Instead of 35 to 2.

Ask yourselves why do our Legislators in the House need to have 35 votes to tap into their “CBR”, to pull that money out of?  You know… Their Version of Our PFD’s ERA. The one they had over $19 Billion sitting in, just 5 short years ago and now only have, just over $1 Billion Left…… With such a High Threshold of 35 votes to spend that money. You would think they couldn’t get the votes to have passed it.

Now ask yourself one more question…. Why do they only need to have 21 Votes to steal money our ERA? Currently $67 Billion Reasons ($70 Billion As of November 2020), they are making sure the Laws/Statutes they are trying to going to pass, will lock that PFD directly into their full control (HB300/306). Just so we are all clear on what is going on right now. The have passed a completed budget for FY2021. But they didn’t include the anything to pay our Statutory PFD. If they follow the Laws we have in place for decades now. They have $67 Billion Reasons why they can pay it this year and can pay back every penny of what they have stolen from us over the last few years.

News Flash!!!! They will, after doing everything above, still have more $1,000,000,000 more in the PFD’s Corpus Account and ERA, than what they started this year out with. Our Earnings Reserve Account “ERA” has made $7 Billion already this year.  (As of November of 2020 it has made nearly $8 Billion in New Revenue.  The ERA & Corpus has grown by $3 Billion over last years Totals and that is after they claimed they couldn’t pay us back what was stolen over the Last 5 Years.)

Stop Believing the Lies they are spinning, making “Fake News”, “False News” claims they can’t pay us our Statutory PFD’s and every penny they have stolen from us all.

March 31,2020:

Thank You Alaskans for Letting us Steal your PFD’s for a Fifth Year in a Row exclaims our Alaska Legislators.  Your silence allowed us to pull the biggest theft in Alaska’s History for the Fifth Year in a Row!  Senator Cathy Giessel couldn’t leave Juneau fast enough yesterday. She had to get home and cash those Union Checks. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones that said you either do as we tell you to do or the Blackmail they have over her will be let out to the Public, for all Alaskans to see.  Once again the Illegal Binding Caucus Rule has screwed all Alaskans.

The Video below is only 8 Minutes long but the President of the Senate made it very clear she has/had no intention of paying us a dime for the PFD.

What are you doing to Save The PFD and are you one of Alaska’s Permanent Fund Defenders?

Time to take all the Sitting at home being locked up due to the Virus to good use and get involved to stop the Theft.

May 24, 2020:

$13.6 Billion Dollar Budget this year and they can’t tell you how that money is even being spent. An additional $1.50 Billion is from the Coronavirus Money from the Feds…. Just like our PFD’s. They were all infighting on which Special Interest will get to see it and how much can they make sure never sees the pocket books of All Alaskans who are currently loosing it all.

Below is every penny they put into the Special Interests pockets and $1.2 Billion of the $1.5 was just added to what they already are getting from stealing our PFD’s to cover the Special Interests in the State & Capital Budget.

Alaska Cares Act Funding.
The Legislature passed House Bill 313 by the House Rules Committee today, and ratified the CARES Act spending plan.
House Bill 313 ratifies spending proposals requested by Governor Mike Dunleavy and passed by the Legislative Budget & Audit Committee earlier this month through the Revised Program Legislative (RPL) process, including:
• $568.6 million for community assistance;
• $290 million in grants for small businesses ($5,000 Max), Non-Profits $10,000 Max);
• $51.6 million for statewide aviation, rural airports and the Whittier Tunnel;
• $50 million in grants for the fishing industry;
• $45 million for K-12 education; (They Saved this much times Two with all the services they weren’t paying for running Virtual Classrooms)
• $42 million for child nutrition programs; (Sad knowing
• $29 million for rural transportation costs, including the Alaska Marine Highway System; (AMH is not going to be able to operate much past a winter style schedule. They just won’t have the tourist dollars and people to fill them up to operate.)
• $10 million for homeless assistance; (They could build 600 Tiny Homes using this Money, over half of the Homeless would have homes if used wisely)
• $5 million for University of Alaska and its students; and (They didn’t lose a dime during this Virus)
• $3.6 million for state and local law enforcement.

Link to Every Penny they Spent on HB313 Covid-19 Cares Act Funding:…

From the Alaska Senate Majority:…/press-ratifies-cares-act-spe…

October 16, 2020:

“I Love Breaking News”

Have you ever wondered where all the money goes when our Lawbreaking Legislators get done spending it?

they had $4,000,000,000 last year to spend on the budget. But passed a $5.4 Billion Dollar budget when they were all through. They made claims they had reduced the budget to the lowest it has been in 15 years. When they passed this year budget. They told us all it was $4.8 Billion. They Lied…

Now they want you to vote them back into office so they can do it all over again this year. Once again they have $4 Billion to Spend and just like the last 5 years in a row. They refuse to make any cuts to the Budget to match the Revenue that they have coming in. They have openly admitted they are going to steal our PFD’s again instead of doing the right thing. Which is “Cutting The Budget” to match the Revenue they have coming in.

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