Alaska is Ranked 51 out of 52 for providing an Education to our Children. When are they going to be held accountable for their Failure to Provide a Quality Education?


K-12 Education in Alaska

Senator Lora Reinbold called out the Superintendent of our Schools. They tried to defend why they rank 51 out of 52 in the Nation. Sad that they don’t want to do anything to change what isn’t working.

This is one discussion that needs to happen. Our schools in Alaska are failing our children.

From Senator Lora Reinbold:

“I attended the ASD lunch update this week. The school district inadvertently defended the low scores on NAEP and Peak exams in Alaska saying they were “just a marker” but “improvements” were being made. Some markers showed us 51st place of 52. I directly addressed the superintendent and asked if she would please help us get rid of GoMath & assist in helping get better standards than common core math in our district. I was displeased at her defense of common core but again challenged her with the data that Spalding reading, Saxson & Massachusetts Math standards would better prepare our children for the future. Common Core needs to go in Alaska and I have continued to make it a priority this is why….”

January 20, 2020: USA Today comes out with a report of the worst cities in the USA to live in. No surprise to find Alaska has made this list. With having the Lowest ranking K-12 Education in the USA, same results for our Universities that we have, listed as the most dangerous place to live, has the Highest Domestic Violence and Rape in the USA, Mayors and Legislators taxing people completely out of our state, more people moving out then is moving in and that includes births, wow… This is only a small sampling what is wrong here.

Fairbanks is listed as Number One for the worst place in the USA to live. Anchorage is listed as Number Eight. Click this link to read all about it:

February 8, 2020: So why are Alaska’s schools ranked dead last in the Nation? Ranked #1 for spending? Yet when you look at where all that money is going, how dumbed down our schools have become. It’s no surprise Alaska is also Dead Last in the Testing.

Click this link here and see where your schools rank with their testing scores. There is so much Red on this map. It really is hard to see those Shinny Star Green Ones the talk about, claiming…. “See, See, we are doing a great and wonderful job!”…. Just don’t look at the overwhelming number of Red ones on this Peaks Score Testing by School Map of Alaska here…… “Our Version of the Truth is all that Matters! Think of the poor children….”

This Tool Rocks! (In the Link Below)

Try it out and find out how well your student will do in any given school in Alaska. I’m sure all those, who keep claiming Alaska’s schools don’t have a problem. Wishes this tool was never invented.

What they provide for each school, say’s a completely different story then what we are hearing from the Alaska School Boards and Teachers. All they have is the bleeding heart stories they give us all, about how well they are doing. See, See the ones in Green on the Map Above. We are Spending all your money and have nothing to show for it). .

No wonder Fairbanks is challenging the scores they got last year. Appalling what they are trying to get away with.

March 31, 2020: Just about $50 Million more was added to the State Budget for Early Learning and K-12 this year. Yet the Legislators and School Districts are claiming they have been Flat Funded for years. The truth is that the population of students has been Shrinking for years, but the Budget has always increased by Multi-Millions. Still waiting for one of these organizations below to prove their case. I no longer am willing to take just their word for it. Show us the Proof!

What does NEA-AlaskaGreat Alaska SchoolsGreat Alaska Schools AnchorageGreat Alaska Schools JuneauGreat Alaska Schools MatSu, Great Alaska Schools Fairbanks, Great Alaska Schools KenaiSave Our StateAlaska AFL-CIOAlaska Department of Education and Early Development (State Paid for Daycare), Recall Dunleavy Etc, Etc, Etc… All have in common? They love Stealing from Children to make sure their Salaries are well Funded with the worst results in the Nation.

September 20, 2020:

4 Hours a Week is all they are requiring of our Teachers. Yet they are getting paid like they are in School working Full Time.

Alaska has Virtual Classrooms that have been running now for over a decade, which teach every course they need to be getting and a Quality Education. They are preforming better than 90% of our Brick and Mortar Schools are doing before the Virus hit. But they refuse to enroll our kids into them.

These Virtual Established Programs that our School Districts refuse to use only cost around $5,000.00 a year to operate per student, our Brick and Mortar Schools cost on average nearly $18,000 per student. Instead of embracing what has been working extremely well for Decades now. Our School Districts decided to create there very own courses that have proven in just the first few months they have been using them, to be a Spectacular Failure.

Why won’t they use what does work?

I know the Answer.

We are the Worst in the Nation, with the highest costs and they don’t want to make the changes needed to change that….

What else do you need to know?


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