Nearly Every Lawmaker in Alaska After Leaving Juneau Were Paid Per-Diem the entire time they were Sitting at home doing nothing….


How little these legislators care about All Alaskans. As we are losing everything we have due to the Virus, our businesses going bankrupt, jobs we once had no-longer exist, houses and vehicles now being repossessed. These Lawbreaking Legislators gave themselves all pay raises. Some $225,000 Bucks they collected to do absolutely nothing, but stay at home during the Lockdown.

So Local MSM Media finally decides to report some actual news that us small media companies have been reporting for weeks now.

Yes… Nearly 3/4 of the legislators have collected $5,000 or more to be sitting at home doing nothing.

If you all truly want to call yourselves a news company. Why not provide the list of Legislators that have been collecting money to do absolutely nothing?

Link to KTVA 11 article the Picture above came from:

Those in the Alaska House MajorityAlaska Senate MajorityAlaska House RepublicansAlaska Senate Democrats nearly all think it is OK to keep collecting Perdiem the entire time they were sitting at home. $5,000.00+ each, doing absolutely nothing to earn it.

The other two pictures below is all the legislators that have been collecting Perdiem to sit at home doing nothing.

Bunch of Thieving Crooks.


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