How Much Land does Alaskans Really Own?


Are you aware that us Alaskans only own less than 1% of Alaska?

Below I have broken down what it all looks like:.

How much land do Alaskans really own of the approximately 375 Million Acres in our state?

60% of Alaska is owned by the Federal Government
=244 Million Acres

28% is owned by the State of Alaska
=105 Million Acres

11% is owned by Alaska Native Villages and Corporations
=44 Million Acres

Less then 1% is in Private hands
=Roughly 3.3 Million Acres (Very High Estimate)

We Alaskan’s Own All The Mineral Rights On 105 Million Acres in Alaska and in 1976 the Alaska Permanent Fund was born.

In 1977 the first Deposit was made into it. This was setup to give “All Alaskans” a chance to share in the Mineral Wealth that we all gave up to become the 49th State back in 1959!

In 1980 Alaska Legislators created the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation. In 1982 the PFD that Alaskans receive. Set Precedence for how the PFD was paid for the next 32 years. The Statutory PFD was paid until 2015.

In 2015 Ex Governor Walker through one of the largest bank heists in Alaska’s History, stolen from every Alaskan, the very first one from us all by Executive Order. Beginning a further discussion that will be shared later.

Facts Matter and the Special Interests, Far Left of Alaska really don’t want you to know that “All Alaskans” control what happens with the Money collected from the Mineral Wealth of Alaska.

I have been sharing this post since September of last year. Looks like the Governor is Listening:

Governor Mike Dunleavy during his State of the State Address made mention of selling off some of the State land that is owed and putting it into the Private Hands of Alaskans.

Every Legislator in Juneau that is on the Lefts Agenda is toting the “Six Budget Plans” the “PFD Bicameral Work Group” came out with. Each plan carves out a different portion of the PFD to pay for the Budget.

Have you seen the “PFD Budget Tool” they made? Read all about the tool they are using that the “PFD Bicameral Work Group” created to explain their Six Different Plans:

Have you seen the video they gave with it? It complexly shreds the History of the PFD to match the lies they are spreading. Nowhere in any legal documents in the creation of the PFD Corporation, in the 1982 Bill that established the PFD we get. Gives them the right to steal our share of it. Even their newest Bill, SB 26 which carved out a potion for them to pay Government with, says they “Shall Pay” us our Statutory PFD.

But they have ignored the Laws, that are decades old. Just to keep the Special Interests of Alaska well funded. Right now the Founders of the PFD are rolling over in their graves, ashamed of what the Lawbreakers have turned it into. Gov. Jay Hammond if he was here. Would have locked them all up in jail by now for what what they have done.

Wake Up Alaskans. We Own It All and our Government works for All Alaskans. Not just the Special Interests.

Link to Certificate Issued with the Very First PFD’s:…/a.1634797359914…/2221295957931413

Link to what our Great Gov. Hammond has had to say about our PFD’s:…/a.1634797359914…/2456204691107204


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