Recall Juneau Legislators to Anchorage


What are we waiting for? Lets cut Millions a year off of the budget by eliminating nearly all the Travel costs and Per Diem payout. The Majority of these Lawmakers live within driving distance everyday from Anchorage. Time to bring them where the Majority of Alaskan’s are! 38 of 60 Law Breaking Legislators are once again in Juneau, where only the Special Interests Lobbyists, can reach them.

The Special Interests, Non-Profits, Recall DunleavySave Our StateCIRIAlaska Federation of Natives – Official PageGreat Alaska Schools AnchorageNEA-AlaskaAlaska AFL-CIO and all the others that represent the Far Left Agenda, that can Afford those High Paid Lobbyist to go to Juneau. Want to keep it that way. They don’t want the Majority of Alaskans to have easy access to them. They also Don’t want Alaskans to know where signature booklets can be found to sign.

So I have taken all the places I am aware of and put them here just for you. Just curious.. Have you signed it yet? I did at the Governor Mike Dunleavy PFD Rally Last year he had in Wasilla!

Contact Equal Access Alaska to find out where the booklets are to be signed if you don’t see an location near you.

Places To Sign!!

Mikes Quality Meats Eagle River
Arctic Storage at Foothills Muldoon and 36th Anchorage
Midnight Sun Cafe’ Anchorage Ask for Lindsay (M – F, 2p – 5p, Sat 9a – 5p)
Arctic Storage at Midtown W58th Anchorage
Glenda’s Salon & Training Center Wasilla
Fabrications Unlimited (3210 Lazy Eight Court)
Contact: Jason Schmidt
Monday-Thursday, 8am-5pm
Ammo-Can Coffee, LLC Soldotna
Eyewear Express – Martin Hanson Od Soldotna
Aurora Taxes & Accounting LLC Anchor Point
KBAY Radio Station For more information, call Eileen at (907) 399-1534.
Don Jose’s Mexican Restaurant

So whats at stake here besides finally having access to the Majority of Alaskans? Right now I can see the Special Minority Interests are standing up in droves to stop this from happening. They gave a Huge sticker cost in an announcement $45 million to have happen. Holly crap, why so much…?

I’ve know I saw it could be between $3-$45 Million depending on the direction they decide to go with it. So why is there such a big range…?

Simply put: $3 Million to move into rented space… Yearly rental fees will apply.


$45 Million to build another building just for them. (they own 2200 buildings, but can’t move into one) Normal costs of operations as if they were in Juneau will Apply after that. Actually cheaper because Utility Costs in Anchorage or any of the ares in the heart of the Road System cost less than living in Juneau.


Though this is Not on the table, but I’m going to throw it out there anyways: $3 Billion to relocate the Capital and Legislation completely to a Major road system like they voted and passed to do back in 1974.

The only thing that stopped this from happening was them claiming that the money just wasn’t there. Just ignore the $29 Billion dollars in savings they have blown through in the last Decade.

Did you know $23 Billion of that was just in the last 5 years? You know… the $4 Billion spent to shore up TRS & PERS just before Walker took office (Which is only $11 Billion in the hole currently. But don’t stress to much about it, $20 Billion is in that account already).

Now for the other $14 Billion and everything that they have stolen from our PFD’s and it’s ERA account (Another $8+ Billion from it). Just so they could give 1/3 of the population “Free Healthcare”, the worst education in the USA and an overpriced failing University that makes Climate Change its Number One Course to take and can’t keep accredited in Education (Matter of Record they are dropping the courses and no wonder our kids are failing in school. The University can’t even teach the future teachers properly, who are the teachers, that are teaching our kids. Explains our Failing schools system now doesn’t it. Only one out of the three can now teach the courses). I’m sure everyone appreciates that happening.


Since the Special Interests don’t want the Average Alaskan, to be able to get those personalized meetings with our lawmakers. They know the big bucks they spend to keep lobbyist, Healthcare, Unions, University, K-12, this list just doesn’t seem to end, flying down to Juneau forcing us Average Alaskans Majority Interests to be ignored. Would be completely undermined if “All Alaskans” could see them all Daily, Face to Face. Not just people that can afford to fly there.

7/18/2019: Did you Know? Not a Single one of the 22 Lawmakers Legislator that were in Wasilla, collected one single penny of Perdium while they were here. Unlike those 38 Lawbreaking Legislators in Juneau. They have “Illegally” been collecting it since day one and “legally” could only be collecting it starting Monday when they can finally begin the “First Day” of the “15th day, of the Second Special Session”.

I have been sharing the above information since April of 2019. Don’t you all think its time to get this done so that we don’t have to deal with our Legislators running and hiding in Juneau every year where only the special Interests have Access to them?
Link to the original post this came from. Credit for the Photo goes to Must Read Alaska, Suzanne Downing:

With the Passing of the State and Capital Budget HB205 yesterday and hearing Legislators talk about the Binding Caucus using Coercion, Blackmail, Extortion, Playing Politics with Alaskans lives to push the Socialist Agenda.
Don’t you all think it is time to finally move our Legislators where 400,000 of us can reach them for the cost of a tank of gas or two?

Updated April 17, 2020:

This Virus is another prime reason to have all Legislative Sessions moved onto the Road System of Alaska. They shouldn’t be dependent 100% on using Airplanes to get there. This Virus has proven that if an disaster strikes like it has. They cannot do anything in a emergency.

Updated June 19, 2020:

How to fix Alaska’s Government in Six Easy Steps:

#1. Move All Legislation onto the Road System. (The Capital Stays in Juneau)

#2. Make Binding Caucuses Illegal

#3. Remove Half of the Oil Credits. Up to $600 Million Savings

#4. Virtual Classrooms. Close 80% of Brick and Mortar Schools. Up to $700 Million a year Savings

#5. Vote all the “Lawbreaking Legislators” out of office on August 18, 2020.

#6. Repeal SB26 and follow the Statutory Laws


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