OMG! Stealing the PFD is what has kept Alaska in the longest recession in our History.

A family of four has lost $20,000, that their families need to survive. Just to cater to the Minority Special Interests.

Seems people became offended when I pointed out that a Family of 4 Lost $20,000 bucks that they could have finally have that down payment on the new home and not still be renting.

Because this other family didn’t get it and they don’t live below the poverty line. But only by a little bit. Could have paid for the Braces their kid needs and the broken leg this summer from falling down a hill. Instead they had to take out loans and hope nothing else happens before they get them paid off.

How about those that live a very subsistence lifestyle and this is to fill their Fuel Oil to stay warm and Tires so they don’t get stuck getting in and out. Instead they now filed for welfare. So the state now has to pay for the Oil and they pray they don’t get stuck with the newborn they just had.

Just so Alaskan’s know what they have stolen form us all, lets compare the numbers.

$5,000 Owed All Eligible Alaskans that have had their PFD stolen from them.
630,000 This is the Average number of people that were eligible for that money that they owe us all.
$3,150,000,000 they have stolen from US All.
You read that right… $3.15 Billion Dollars!

Where did it all go?
$3.15 Billion that they have stolen from us.
218,000 people living off of Alaska’s Socialist Trough called our State Budget.
$14,450 that they redistributed to 218,000 Alaskans Living off the our State Budget that We Alaskans All pay for.

Just in case you miss my point of breaking this all down. For a family of 4 who fall in that 218,000 people, now have had $57,800 of our money given to them, without our consent. Which has been Stolen from every Alaskan, just to keep their Socialist Dreams, Alive.

This is what is causing Jay Hammond to keep rolling over in his grave. knowing for a fact that the PFD was never setup to be used on government and If it was… Alaskans who own it, are suppose to be the Watch Dogs of it. But Lawbreaking Legislators have slowly eroded away our Alaskan Rights and made it so our voices don’t matter to them. The Minorities voices are the only ones they hear anymore.

Governor Jay Hammond:

Alaskans Certificate of Ownership of All Alaska’s Mineral Wealth:

Amazing how the opinions they give about the PFD and after reading how the actual study published was done.

Some interesting tidbits of information.

To say our children are healthier only looks the extrapolated information up to 3 year old’s. In other words. Theories…

For families making $75,000 or less a year. The PFD as it is Statutorily written has a larger impact on families Dollar for Dollar than redistributing it to the Minority, like the Lawbreaking Legislators are doing now.

The only group that isn’t affected one way or the another, are those making $75,000 or more. This also happens to be the same group that is lobbying for the Lawbreaking Legislators to use the PFD to spend on the Special Interests. Those, who have nothing to lose, by them doing that. Obviously have no problem taking, from those that need it the most.

Link to study and not the snippets that MSM has given us. Please take the time to read it. Take the time to really research the papers they have at the very end. Theories are all they are working with here:…/a25fa4fc-7264-4643-ba46-1280f…

Have you heard what the Deep State of Alaska have had to say about the PFD? Our Legislators want us all to believe one of the biggest lies ever told in Alaska’s History.

They want us all to believe that the PFD is paid using “Tax Revenue” and that the decades old Statute no longer applies to them, they want us to believe that for decades the PFD has not been paid by transferring it from OUR ERA Account, that it is just a figment of our imagination.

Don’t believe the LIES!!

This Link here, is to a recent announcement made yesterday by one of the Far Left Legislators and clearly they believe that the PFD no longer belongs to Alaskans and we will only get one, once their Special Interests are paid for.…/a.2191589040902…/2659975297396808

Really is depressing knowing that Legislators in Juneau think they can fund the Special Interest of Alaska using our Money to do it. We use to think certain Legislators in office had our back when it came to the the PFD. We all learned the hard way that they will sell us all out in a heartbeat to make sure their Special Interest continue to be well Funded with our money.

People like Senator Elvi, Senator Lyman Hoffman, Senator Tom Begich, Senator Bert Steadman, Senator Bill Wielechowski, etc, etc, etc…. are prime examples who would sell their own mothers to keep the “Special Interests” well funded. They proved it when they voted yes on HB/SB 2001…

Updated February 6, 2020: Did you catch the interview that Senator Cathy Giessel had on the Capital View? If you really want to see what levels they are willing to go through to justify stealing our PFD. Watch and listen to everything she has to say.

How many Lies did you hear her say about our PFD?

Every Rino, Democrat in the Alaska Senate and House have proven without a shadow of a doubt that they DON’T Stand Tall for All Alaskans.

Recall Cathy Giessel
Recall Click Bishop
Recall Gary Knopp

Catch Up on all the latest on the Weasel Giessel.
New series called:

Liar, Looters, Traitor, Thief
“Recall Cathy Giessel”

Click this link to read the latest:…/a.2545682862159…/2742438629150474


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