Alaska House Debates SB26 Stealing Alaskans PFD’s To Pay For Government

4 Months into Session & they continue to play games with our PFD’s. Breaking the Laws we have.

Part One…  This only aired on Facebook

“House Trying To Justify Stealing Our PFD’s”
Part 2 

House Democrats standing on their Soapboxes declaring they have “NO CHOICE” but to steal our PFD’s.
SB26 Permanent Fund: Deposits & Earnings

This video aired only on Facebook:


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1 thought on “Alaska House Is Once Again Stealing Our PFD’s! SB26 Permanent Fund: Deposits & Earnings

  1. voting out the pfd thieves every election is the only way to get rid of pfd thieves stealing the peoples pfd for special interests. its absolutely ridiculous to steal money from people to fund druggies who want to live on the streets or off others while continuing to shoot up heroin and smoke meth,…. how is it my fault they make poor choices i should have to pay for or anyone else. nobody gave me anything or a roof over my head i had to get my shit together and pay my own bills and housing…. And so should everyone else. next time your in kenai peninsula you should drive up south miller loop and there’s big trashed out homeless camp areas there too…
    People need cleanliness and some sort of responsibility for their own actions’and choices and necessities and housing etc etc… another thing is tax breaks to oil companies who already are tax exempt corporations and corporate welfare in the millions and billions of dollars given to special interest and campaign donors is costing the people their pfds and is costing the state. It should be some form of criminal corruption for the governement to steal the people’s pfd in order to give money to special interests or any entity that donates to their campaign to get elected.

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