Governor Mike Dunleavy & Alaska’s PFD


Governor Mike Dunleavy has been saying this since day one. Makes you wonder why people refuse to hear the message….

Socialist who think our money is theirs to spend on anything they wish. Took over our government nearly a decade ago. 5.5 Years ago Governor Walker took the very first PFD by executive order and one of the Socialist Democrats took this to court. The results they were hoping for, happened. After losing the case they brought to the court. This opened the door for our Lawbreaking Legislators to steal the second one without our consent. Even though their was overwhelming Testimonies to leave it Alone, they instead chose to completely Ignored us and the Special Interests were the only voices they chosen to hear after that.

Now over they last two years they have systematically been removing any Rights Alaskans have to our PFD. First passing HB287.  You know, the Bill for Early Education and K-12 Funding.  Their funding because of this bill was now to come directly out of the ERA, which they failed to Appropriate any money for it  in future years at that time, (This was in 2018).  Now in 2019 because of providing no appropriation for Funding Early Learning and K-12 and decided to use the Court System to do their job. 

You can guess what happened.  The Courts determined they were going to do the Jobs of the Legislators and Juneau and Appropriated that money for them.

Mark my words this was a calculated Decision by the Lawbreaker Legislators to have this go to the courts. They know if the Judge decides they no longer have to appropriate the money to steal from the ERA, it will open the door for unlimited funding forever and they will ultimately tell us all, we will never get another PFD again, unless they feel like it. Argument will be, “Special Interests” need it more then the rightful owners of it, ever will.

Didn’t take them long after passing HB287, they spent two more Special Sessions in 2019 crafting SB26. Creating a new POMV Draw from the PFD’s ERA for government to steal even more to keep themselves well funded.

Now more for 2019’s budget PFD corruption.  They changed where the money gets appropriated from, turning it into a budget Item, instead of a Transfer from the ERA to pay us our PFD.  Just so you understand.  They are using Tax Revenue to Pay us our PFD’s instead of Transferring the Full amount from the ERA as the Statutory PFD’s Laws says they are suppose to do.

Right after they did this.  I predicted this is what would happen in 2020:

“Mark my words. This next year they will take the PFD and won’t have much of a fight to try and give us a Statutory PFD. They will cave in record time so not to lose one second of being able to Campaign for the November Election.”  

Sadly my Prediction was correct.

If I was Governor Mike Dunleavy, at this point I would call them in for as many Special Sessions for the PFD as needed, forcing them to follow the Statutory Formula or bring it to a vote for Alaskans to have our say, what the Future of it will be, forever after that.

February 5, 2020:

It sure is fun ruffling the feathers of the Far Left Socialists of Alaska with this post. They hate having the “Truth” being exposed for “All Alaskans” to see.

“United We Stand and Divided We Fall!”

Those in control in Juneau want to keep us all Divided. They don’t want us to start organizing and putting a stop to what they are doing. This is why they Attack me on a Daily Basis. This is why they attack us on a daily basis. I’m working hard to make sure “All Alaskans” learn the “Truth”, that they work so hard to make sure you don’t know or want you to understand.

Don’t you all think it is time to start organizing against the Far Lefts Socialists Plans they have for us here in our Great State of Alaska?

Updated Today July 26, 2020:

I’ll make this short and bitter.  They passed the budget this year, HB205 State and Capital Budget and they said they were giving us a $1000,00 PFD.  When it came time to give it to us.  They stolen $8 dollars from that for a grand total of approximately $5 Million that Alaskans didn’t get.  They once again used “Tax Revenue” to pay part of the PFD and still refuse to follow the Statutory PFD laws that we have and even failed to follow their new Statutory Laws SB26.

August 18, 2020 is just around the corner and it is time to Drain the Alaskan Swamp of these Lawbreaking, Corrupted Legislators we have in Juneau.  So don’t forget to Vote and bring 5 Friends with you!  Then on November 3, 2020 we need to do it again and make sure those people make it to Juneau! 

Here is the Original Posting on Facebook, picture has been modified in this post to reflect it is now 5 years and removed the date off the photo:


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