Cliff Cook Is Awarded For Protecting Alaskans By Providing Volunteer Community Patrol

Cliff Cook Community Service Patrol
Representative Lora Reinbold” Awards Cliff Cook for Protecting Alaskans Volunteer Community Patrol
What an awesome Chugiak/Eagle River Town Hall followed up by the problems of SB91 driven Public Safety meeting! Crime and drugs were the issues of the day, and you could tell all participants truly cared why they were elected and what actions they needed to accomplish, not only during current session but beyond. I’m also truly humbled by Rep Lora Reinbold’s passion and drive for public safety that can’t be matched. Finally, it was a great honor to receive a citation bestowed upon me by the State legislators. What an awesome surprise. Thank you Prime Sponsors Rep Lora Reinbold and Rep Dan Saddler for making it happen and I hope to continue supporting the community as long as they allow! I would also like to acknowledge John D. Rathert’s efforts in the community patrol endeavor. He has been a wealth of knowledge and his assistance can’t be matched! Above and beyond!!!!”

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