ASD School Bond Repairs 2018

“MOA’s Property Taxes Are About to Skyrocket” 

Did you know that this School Bond Package has Multi-Millions Of additional money added into it to fund anything they want outside of this current proposed package?
If this passes you can guarantee that you will be seeing your property taxes get raised again.
I keep hearing them say. You will find your Property Taxes will be lowering due to certain Bills the Assembly in Anchorage has already approved….. Yet have not heard a single report from anyone that has received lower property payments. But Have heard that they did go up when they went out this year though.
Some of the Things that have passed in last two years that should have seen lowering of property Taxes: Marijuana Legalization, Gas Tax.
On this Aprils Ballet, there is a bill that will lower Residential Property Taxes, “This is where the true lowering will happen from”, the rest is all a big lie they told you to get you to buy into it being a great Idea….
((Hugh)) Problem with this Bill to be voted on to lower the Residential Property Taxes, it also raises Commercial Property’s up. So anybody that lives in Senior Living Homes, Apartment building, Rents Mall space and any other commercial Property you can think of, will be seeing their Taxes increase and that also means that the increase “WILL BE” passed onto the Renter.

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