Drill Baby, Drill! 80% of Alaskans support mineral Development in our state. Unfortunately…

Drill Baby, Drill!
Even though 80% of Alaskans support mineral Development in our State. Whether it be from Oil, Fishing, Timber, Mining, Dirt, Etc… We face the biggest opposition coming from people who don’t even live here.  The biggest, loudest, Multi-Million/Billion Dollar funded Opposition, are protesting, suing us to never be able to develop up our own resources, they want to keep Alaska as on Big Park for them to Play In.  What makes this even worse is nearly all that are complaining have never stepped one foot onto Alaskan Lands.
What I find really sad is seeing some of the Richest Rural Communities in Alaska continuously trying to destroy any chance of any other places like Kaktovik from being able to finally get off of Government Welfare for their survival and develop up their own privately built oil wells or Mines in their communities.
I have spent the Last Past year building this Timeline.  I hope you take the time to read all the way through it and follow all the links.  It’s a real Eye Opener were all the Opposition comes from when it comes to Alaskans being able to get things done that will Benefit “All Alaskans” & Not just those who work for Government, the Unions they fund or the NON-Profits they hand the rest of it to.
July 20, 2019: 
One City found in the Far, Far North. In a place called Kaktovik is trying hard to get out from underneath the government subsidized Welfare they Call Subsistence Living. But we have Lawbreakers in Juneau fighting Tooth and Nail to make sure that doesn’t happen. They like having their control over All Rural Alaskan’s lives.
August 3, 2019: 
With the Ruling that came out removing the Obama restrictions that were in place in Bristol Bay, “EPA says the proposed restrictions were based on hypothetical scenarios and are outdated”. This is another small step towards them finally becoming independent, from Surviving off of State Money, for there City and surrounding communities survival.
September 2, 2019: 
When things like this are stopped by those who don’t even live here. Is the reason our states revenue never increases and we continue to watch the Soros, UN, Socialist, Lawbreaking Legislators in Juneau continue to steal our money from the PFD.
Why do they all want us to be living off of State Welfare for our survival, instead of letting us pay for it ourselves?
Judges have no business, being in the allocation of natural resources, business.  They all seem to think that they are the ones who make the laws and the rest of the world has to live by their decisions. Who cares what those that live there think.  Who cares that making laws is the Legislators Jobs and our Governors to sign them into Law.  It’s not the job of Judges to make th0se decisions to create new Laws.  It’s their job to “Follow the Law”.
Follow this link to see the latest injunction that has put a halt on all development in Alaska once again:
October 2, 2019: 
Didn’t take long for another Resolution to come out and condemn any development of our resources here in Alaska. Donlin mine gets attacked once again by Alaskan Tree Huggers AVCP who like living off of Alaska’s State Budget for their survival. Ignorance and fears of people that only want to live in the past.
October 17, 2019:
How are we suppose to trust AVCP when things like this comes out. Clearly they only think about safety and maintenance when its not their concern. Even though, it has now cost them $3.4 Million for their incompetence. You would think they would practice what they preach, before being on a Soapbox and pointing fingers at others: 
October 31, 2019:

This is one post that never seems to stop growing. That is why I keep sharing. 
Governor Mike Dunleavy fully supports the removal of the Roadless Rule: 

Oil Tax Ballot Initiative has a Press Conference about how the signature process has been approved. The far Left that put this together are desperate to get as much money as they can, from those they think are stealing it from them. Socialist way of thinking…. Someone else made it, so we’ll spend it for them:

November 11, 2019:

Pebble Opponents take their case to Congress, hoping they can bypass process and get people to weigh in with feelings and shut it all down:  (KTVA 11 Took down their Link when CNN bought them out)

November 17, 2019:

The Far Left of Alaska will do everything in their power to keep Alaska shut down to any future revenue. They like having full control over what happens here. Another Lawsuit has been filed to stop ANWR using the same failed excuses they used when Prudhoe Bay was to be developed.

December 2, 2019:

Time for this group to make this list.  “Yes for Alaska’s Fair Share”  Ballot Measure One.   The oil tax reform initiative that is working its way through the signatory stage. Finds it some clerical errors that Lieutenant Governor Kevin Meyer needs to be addressed.  

But how do the Special Interests of Alaska and Local Media reported on all of this?
“The Sky is Falling!”
They want us all to believe by passing this it will magically give us back a full PFD. This is their selling point to Alaskans when it comes to signing. What they don’t tell you is. All of It they want to take, is what they want to just put into our State’s Revenue, so that they don’t have to cut one penny of their “Special Interests”, SOS, Recall, Union, Non-Profits, etc, etc, etc…. Budgets.
The one thing I guarantee won’t happen is, it will NOT Protect our PFD. The same Lawbreaking Legislators will be deciding this year if they will even give us one, now that they have turned it into a “Budget Item” to be paid with State Taxes.  With two years in a row now Breaking the Statutory PFD Law to do just that.  Expect in 2021 to not see one at all.
Unfortunately, Local Media can’t seem to give those who want to stop all growth, of any kind of development of our Mineral Wealth, enough airtime for their causes. Making sure they get story after story written glowingly about what they are doing. 
But when it comes time to give even a minute of news about what is wrong with what they claim and call them out for the “Fake News” that they are…… Crickets….  Then they Vilify any who what development to happen.
Link to biting the hand that feeds you:
December 8, 2019:
Love It!  Some good news on this day.
Keep those high paying jobs coming into Alaska. Nothing melts the Far Left down faster than people working for a living. Instead of living off of State Welfare for their survival!
December 15, 2019:
One of the largest members of AFN, Arctic Slope Regional Corporation voted to leave Alaska Federation of Natives. Going back to standing up for the principles Alaska was built on. AFN, Recall Dunleavy (Alaska AFL-CIO), Save Our State are all melting down over this happening. After declaring their “Climate Change” Agenda at this year convention. This should come as no surprise to anyone. (Rumor has it Doyon has pulled out also.
January 6, 2020:
It’s a Brand New Decade. Will Alaska finally develop our resources or will the resist and obstruct far left, keep them locked up under frivolous lawsuits once again?
Goldman and Sachs caved to the Far Lefts “Climate Change” and bail on Alaska. Meanwhile they spending like crazy overseas where the Left can’t attack their bottom line.
January 12, 2020:
Legislators make it very clear to Hilcorp that their interests in the cut they get and the financial responsibilities for the fields they are to take over, will be available. They as Legislators are deeply worried that Hilcorp will take Their Cut and make it even smaller because of the Type of Company Hilcorp is under and they won’t be able to gouge out as much as they did BP. Now as long as Legislators cut isn’t affected. We can care less what you do to the people who’s earnings are based off of how much we steal from them. Just don’t affect our bottom line.
Sincerely nearly every Legislator in Juneau…
Looks like Ex-Governor Walker is making sure those he catered to while in office are now getting the kickbacks they were promised if they ran them out of business by not paying them the credits they still owe them:
January 21, 2020:
The Far Left of the Lower 48 Tribes are hard at work again signing a “Bristol Bay Proclamation” with Alaskan Native Tribes, protesting the Pebble Mine. They just don’t give up pushing their propaganda. The only argument they have is their “Feelings” of the way mining used to be.
February 9, 2020:
Kaktovik makes the news again. If only the Far Left would stop blocking ANWR from being opened up for drilling. This recent Disaster there wouldn’t be as big of an issue. They as a community would have the money to pay for a New School. But since they can’t drill, the State of Alaska will be footing 100% of the costs to replace it. Sad day for them and us:
Open ANWR has the exact same opinion that I have about what is going on there.
February 16, 2020: “Pebble Partnership submits wetlands impact reduction plan…. The plan indicates Pebble’s first mitigation initiative is upgrading water treatment facilities in the villages of Newhalen, Nondalton, and Kokhanok.”  But ultimately in the end…  None of this will ever be good enough.
March 5, 2020:
Why can’t legislators find any new Revenue besides adding new Taxes or doubling old ones like the Motor Fuel Tax? Because they continue to make sure Regulations and Restrictions are put into place that prevent “New Revenue” from ever making it to them….
Democrats Senators in Washington tell the Major Banks to not provide one penny to developing up ANWR. They truly do want to keep Alaskans living in Poverty:
Conoco Philips once again has to bend over backwards to accommodate for those who like living off of the Welfare Money the Oil provides, to live their Subsistence lifestyle. Always willing to bite the hand that feeds them every chance they get, but whine and cry when that money is cut from them because not enough was made from those very same people, in this new year year.
Unwilling to make the costs of production on the North Slope go down. Alaskans throw more roadblocks in front of the same people that give the largest portions to sustain their Subsistence Living.
Watch how fast they all scale down exploration and development if they take those Record Profits away from them, that are being invested into projects like this one.
: (KTVA 11 Took down their Link when CNN bought them out)
April 1, 2020:
Just another day in Paradise in a place we all call Alaska. The Virus has now made it’s way into the North Slope. Due to the Virus the oil companies in the North Slope are now calling it quits after receiving news one of their workers has contracted the Coronavirus Covid-19. BP is now shutting down all Non-Essential Operations Shutting down all exploratory rigs for new oil. 

I would like to give a big shout out to Alaska House Majority, Alaska House Republicans, Alaska Senate Majority and Alaska Senate Democrats once again are selling out all Alaskans for the fifth year in a row to make sure the Elite of Alaska keep their wealth, as the rest of Alaskans are made to suffer and ride out this Virus that is currently destroy our country as we know it. The one thing they could have done to make sure “All Alaskans” have the ability to survive what is happening. They have chosen to make sure that it didn’t happen and instead transferred our money over to the Special Interests and making sure that the Money they want to spend on themselves stays in their pockets and not ours.

$2.2 Billion Dollars they have stolen from each and every Alaskan this year from our PFD’s and they are laughing about it all the way to the bank.
April 19, 2020:
Conoco Phillips announces they are pulling $200 Million worth of revenue from being spent in the North Slope due to low oil prices.
Conoco Phillips announces pulling back services prior to prices dropping drastically:  (Another KTVA 11 article pulled when they were bought out by CNN)  
I have found an “Alaska Journal Article” announcing them pulling out the money.
Click this link here to learn more:
BP British Petroleum announces pulling back services prior to prices dropping due to Covid-19 Coronavirus:
Saudi Arabia and Russia claim they want to Stabilize the Market after their war over oil helped to cause to happen in the first place. April 9, 2020.
May 9, 2020: Pebble Mine gets a Major Victory in the courts. Another Obama Overreach overturned:
May 26, 2020:
This post just keeps growing.
From KTUU:
“The future of the Pebble Mine hinges on a permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and while the decision is not expected until later this summer, the Corps has described the variation of the project it believes would be the least environmentally damaging a possible alternative.”
Unfortunately certain Alaskans that own that land they are proposing as an alternative route to be used. Is owned by the same groups that have been putting roadblocks in front of getting this Pebble Mine project started in the first place.
Something makes be believe the Far Left in DC have had something to do with the Army Corps of Engineers change of heart. Especially knowing that other route that has been the main one from the beginning. Pebble Mine already has secured the rights to that land:
June 11, 2020:
AGDC has the final approval to build the LNG Gasline to Nowhere. It will only take 100 years to pay for if built…..
August 8, 2020:
The EIS Report for Pebble Mine has been released and the OMG we are all going to Die Crowd are Howling at the Moon over what is in it. One Step Closer to finally getting that Mine Opened.
The one below has been removed: (Another KTVA 11 article pulled when they were bought out by CNN)
September 7, 2020:
The Secretary of the Interior Approves the Oil and Gas Leasing Plan for ANWR!
October 4, 2020:
15 States Sue Alaska to stop all drilling in ANWR:
October 20, 2020:
The CEO of Pebble resigns after the release of the “Pebble Tapes”. Clearly they were bargaining on political names that they had absolutely no right to be using.  MSM tried really hard to pin this on the Governor Mike Dunleavy and Senator Dan Sullivan.  The lies they spun about what other people said is nothing but just that.  A bunch of Lies:
October 21, 2020:
Looks to be that logging will be opening up in the Tongass. Far Left Liberals are melting down over this one and you can bet you last dollar they will be suing once again.
October 25, 2020:
Two of Alaska’s very Far Left Lawbreaking Legislators House Speaker Bryce Edgmon and Rep. Louise Stutes have sent an letter “Demanding” that Governor Mike Dunleavy not support Pebble Mine. Is anybody truly surprised by this? These two don’t care about Alaska’s Laws or Due Process of Law. Clearly they don’t care to let the “Process” for approval/denial to finish. As with anything that can make Alaska have a more Secure Financial Future to cover our States Budget. They are 100% against it. Unless that means stealing the Entire PFD.
October 29, 2020:
Alaska Natives don’t want to have Jobs or Road put into their communities. Now they are suing to stop the road to Ambler Mine:

Didn’t take the Tree Huggers very long to file another lawsuit against the Willow Project from happening.  They don’t care if Alaska has a future.  It’s all about keep Alaska their personal playground in a place that no of them will ever see.

Governor Dunleavy gets the help of Goldman Sachs & JP Morgan. I see anther Lawsuit Coming from this one:

The Feds completely shutdown the Pebble Mine Project.  There isn’t much that Pebble can do now but hope for a prayer that we have a Governor & Legislators will move a bill through that gets that project back going again.  

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