The Alaska Senate Majority passed a $2000.00 PFD. $1000.00 was for the $1304.00 they stolen from us last year. $1000.00 more is for the Statutory PFD for this years Statutory PFD that is Suppose to be $3000.00.

The Senate passed their Version of the State Budget for this year. $11.9 Billion, Uses almost nothing of their CBR, Steals nearly $2.5 Billion from our PFD’s ERA to pay for Special Interests and less than a Billion for “Statutory PFD”.

Alaska House Majority thinks giving us Alaskans $2000.00 of our PFD’s is way to much to steal from the Special Interest. That to give us $400.00 more than last year is stealing form Government (Recall Dunleavy). The House only wants to give us $1000.00 and give the other $3304.00 they owe us to them. Not Us Alaskans that money belongs to.

HB205 State and Capital Budget is in its final stages of committees before it will be voted on by both House and Senate. They have made it perfectly clear they are going to leave Juneau and make sure to give us as little as they possibly can.

Bend Over Alaskans…. We are being Screwed.

The Corruption in Juneau is on Full Display once again this year.

The Constitutional Amendments should be one of the Legislators top priorities once they get into Juneau on the 21st. Something tells me they will barely be mentioned this year.

Their sole goal is to justify stealing the PFD, never letting the Billions they have hidden in Slush Fund/Rainy Day Accounts that “The Sweep” exposed last year, to get spent. They already have New Bills filed, to stop that from every happening again.

Can’t forget about the Bill (HJR 22) to not pay back the $19 Billion they have Stolen from their own CBR. Just another Bill that is designed to make sure they have a firm grip on Our PFD. Every year since Walker took office they have whittled away at the PFD Statues and Laws that were followed for Decades and are ensuring us Alaskan will never have a say about how it gets spent.

Link to all the Houses New Bills

Love It! Governor Mike Dunleavy keeps on trying to deliver on his promises no matter how hard the Far Left Special Interests of Alaska keep pushing back.

Stand Tall Alaskans. The Law Breaking Legislators are already talking about how the PFD is being paid by the CBR/UGF (“Tax Revenue”). This is one giant Lie. Our PFD is not and never will be dependent on “Tax Revenue” to be paid. Until they changed the Statutory Law for the PFD. Change the other Statutory Law SB 26. Both say they “Shall” pay us our PFD. They lying to us all by saying it gets paid from any other place, other then, a transfer from the our ERA.

This is one post that will hold up through the test of time in the 2020 Budget year. The Lawbreaking Legislators and Special Interests are all up on their Soap Boxes screaming to the heavens over the Balanced Budget he has handed them.

Can’t wait to see if the Republicans Rino’s in the Alaska House Majority Majority, Alaska Senate MajorityAlaska Senate DemocratsAlaska House Republicans, will actually grow a backbone this year and do what they were elected by us, to do…. I have seen one Senator that has said enough is enough and is speaking out about how corrupt our Government has become in Juneau. Just to pass a very destructive agenda.

Governor Mike Dunleavy 2020 Proposed Alaska State Budget!
Love IT!

Another Balanced Budget that gives everybody what they wanted.

From the Governors Office. The complete breakdown of the Fiscal Year 2021 Proposed Budget and Revenue:

KTVA can’t make up their minds..

At first they call it Savings… This word didn’t get the Far Left base riled up enough. So now they change the wording and call it the Constitutional Budget Reserve. Its a fancy way of saying this is the Legislators version of Our PFD that most of Alaska call the CBR. Now they do seem to love spending more and more on the Special Interests of Alaska. Their CBR was wiped out in less than 4 years and now are doing the same to our Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) that we get each year.

At First it’s just called Savings:

As fast as you can Blink Representative Ivy Spohnholzwas already calling the PFD a Budget Item. Declaring the Special Interests of Alaska get our PFD. Even though Governor Dunleavy came out with a Balanced Budget, that proves you can do everything he has asked for. (They just don’t want to spend their money) She made it clear that their money is not to be spent on government. That is why they are stealing our PFD’s.…/a.2191589040902…/2659975297396808

Governor Mike Dunleavy is asking for 15 new Troopers to be hired in the next Decade to come. Will our Legislators in Juneau put the people in Alaska first for a change? My suspicion is they will scrap this out of the budget and blame the lack of Troopers on him in the end:

Governor Mike Dunleavy has thrown the gauntlet into the faces of our Legislators and handed them a balance budget that follows the Statutory Law to gives us our Full PFD. Time to find out how many of them will pick it up and accept his challenge.

Governor Mike Dunleavy has made it very clear to the Legislators that this years budget will rely heavily on the “CBR” and that the “Constitutional Amendments” will be Addressed. Unfortunately the Legislators have other things in mind for this year. They are working hard at finding ways to not cut the budget one penny. Instead they are growing it to make sure to go directly after our PFD’s again this year and have Bill’s in Play that will eliminate having to pay back their CBR and to stop The Sweep for ever happening again. They didn’t like having all those Slush Funds/Rainy Day Accounts exposed like that. They had enough to pay the entire budget last year, put money away into the CBR and paid us all a Full Statutory PFD.

Governor Mike Dunleavy talks about everything that he has accomplished in his first year. Promises Made and Promises Being Kept:

Governor Mike Dunleavy addresses the Homelessness issues Alaska is facing within his Proposed Budget:

The Far Left of Alaska can’t handle that they are being told to spend money that doesn’t require them to steal our PFD. They think they are entitled to it all. Now even the Mayor of Anchorage is lobbying to steal some of it to pay for it’s Cities Budget.

Governor Mike Dunleavy is working hard to right the sinking ship we call Alaska. He was down in Washington promoting Alaska is Open for Business and working hard to get the strangling Regulations that are keeping that from happening removed:

On January 22, 2020 the Alaska Senate Majority comes out with their first Press Briefing. They make it very clear that Caucus Rules are in full control in the Senate and the restructuring the PFD to match their Agenda is their only Agenda that they have this year.

Legislators in Juneau claim they have received a very sobering View of the budget. Reality is, they refuse to even entertain budget cuts. Every single one that has been proposed this year has been completely shut down. They don’t want to fix the bloated Pork Filled budget. Their goal is to steal the PFD:

Governor Mike Dunleavy sends Four Bills to the Senate that are meant to get Alaska Open for Business. Unfortunately with the Resist and Obstruct Caucus Agenda going on in Juneau. I don’t think this Bills will even get to see the light of day:

Back in December, Governor Mike Dunleavy was at the Heritage Foundation having discussions about the Budget, Spending and What Alaska Can Provide the Nation Following years of deficit spending, in his first year in office and facing a $1.6 billion fiscal gap… Watch the Video to find out more:


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