Alaska by the Numbers…. Our Legislators once again Lied to Us All. They spent way more then what they told us they did…..


Can I say: “I Told You So…..”

Lawbreaking Legislators like or Ex-Senator Cathy Giessel were running ads claiming what is inside this report, is all “Fake News”. 

Sad part is, this matches what I put into print the day they announced the $600 Million Supplemental to the Budget.

Politadick Lowest Budget in 15 years:

From State Senator Mike Shower:

In my Facebook live last week I presented an overview which is matched by this report from someone who does this analysis as a profession.

You need to understand the rhetoric being pushed by legislators who desperately want you to believe they are fiscal conservatives. That they have cut the budget. That there is no hope to reduce operating costs further and – dog gone it – we just have to keep taking more of the PFD and hurt the poorest Alaskans the most! But don’t worry we’re going to save you from taxes! How? We have no idea because (as this report points out) – and – (as I have continued to tell you repeatedly) – the costs of your state government is going UP not DOWN… Some legislators crowed about historic cuts to spending last year – except they weren’t. The only real cuts came from the governor’s vetoes which legislative leadership promptly added back to the budget. They know – but won’t admit – they’ve overseen a government which is going to increase spending up to $200 million a year going forward.

We’re in the neighborhood of $1.5 billion short of paying our bills this year due to this and a revenue picture which is weak. Yet they’re going to prevent taxes? How? Ask them. I guarantee you one thing – the PFD is on the chopping block.

Ask them where the bills are to reduce the costs of government? I was promised we’d see those this year. We didn’t. We did a scrub of the roughly 500 bills in the queue for this session and maybe a dozen actually worked to reduce operating costs (my office had several of those out of 60 legislators).

Pay close attention to this last section on total state spending. It ought to be on the front page. You should be asking your legislator why.…/

October 17, 2020:

Our Legislators that have been in Juneau for years and decades, don’t care, nor want to tell you the Truth. That’s why I spend so much time exposing to you all what they don’t want you to know.

That is why I Voted NO on both Ballot Measure 1 & 2!

Update December 3, 2020:

Terrifying to know that Ballot Measure 2
“Ranked Choice Voting” Passed….

Because this happened we can forget about ever getting our Legislators to Cut the Budget. They will grow it beyond anything that could ever be maintained from the Revenue that our State gets in Taxes. There will Never be another PFD and guaranteed that we will have tons of new taxes added to cover the Socialist Expansions they will make.

Just yesterday the City of Soldotna used Ranked Choice Voting without telling anyone that was what they were going to do.  Can you guess what happened?

They used it to vote in a new City Council Member to fill a vacant seat and didn’t bother to let the Residents of Soldotna know they were going to use it.  The decision was made during the meeting.  Now because of Ranked Choice Voting.  One more very Far Left Council Member is now sitting in that seat.  I know for a fact that it was held by a very conservative person before this.  What they did was criminal and they know it.


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