Who is Recall Dunleavy?


Alaska in Distress…

Have you ever wondered who is directly involved with the Recall Dunleavy and Save Our State groups and where are they getting all their support from?

At the end are pictures that list nearly all the organization in Alaska that are working hard to data mine Alaskans information for future political targeting using the Recall campaign to do it.

Here are a few of the Main ones in the pictures at the end.

Alaska AFL-CIO
Planned Parenthood
Great Alaska Schools Anchorage
Mat-Su Democrats
Mat-Su Coalition
Alaska Young Democrats
AARP Alaska
ACLU of Alaska
The Alaska Center
Alaska Children’s Trust
Anchorage Community Mental Health Services, Inc.
UAA: University of Alaska Anchorage
University of Alaska Fairbanks


I’m sure by now, with the pictures and the names just listed. You can see a clear pattern developing here. Every single one of the organizations depend heavily upon Government Spending. They know that the only way they will make sure to keep the budget funding their Special Interests, Non-Profit, Welfare, Universities, K-12, Healthcare Providers… ETC….

Is to make sure to stop the one person who has finally put the needs of “All Alaskans”, ahead of the Corporate Special Interests, who would rather steal from Women and Children, shoving more people into poverty (225,000 Pre-Virus), just to keep their Soros, Socialist Experimenting, 43 Lawbreaking Legislators in Juneau, in power.


The answer is obvious. Isn’t it?

Special Interests just want to keep themselves well funded and their Budgets Growing. For most of the groups listed. Look at what performance they have and the amount of money they spend to get it. The lions share of that money is going right into their six figure salaries and not to the people they are suppose to be helping. The more I dig into who these groups are. They are the worst performers in the nation, for Triple the cost and they don’t care who the money comes from. As long as they get theirs.

Here is a link that I’m sure the University of Alaska wishes I would quit sharing.  It’s a prime example of the six figure salaries mentioned above:

Let’s start this out right by beginning, at the beginning of it all and how the Recall Dunleavy got it’s Start.

In 2018,  you would have to be deaf and dumb, to have missed the very selfish message given at AFN convention honoring Walker and where he made the announcement he was withdrawing from the race that year.

The only thing the leaders of AFN were worried about was.  If Candidate Dunleavy wins the race.  The yes man they had been campaigning for to win, won’t be there to continue to rubber stamp Multi-Millions a year to them.  Like Walker had done during all four years he was Governor.  Don’t forget to look up all the “Bash Trump” they had been doing up to this point in time.

If what happened then wasn’t clear enough.  Let’s take a look at last years AFN convention.

Just look at what they did….

It was absolutely disgusting what the Far Left are getting away with, in today’s PC society that has been created. The “Entitlement Mentality” that has been created. So much outrage is coming from certain groups, from so many different places. It’s hard to keep up with it all.

I wish Alaskans would stand up to them at these conventions and town halls. Your silence is only making things get worse. Silence is what got us all into this mess to begin with.  Second link here explains more about what happened at the AFN Convention.  

Exclusive interview with Breitbart that Governor Mike Dunleavy had unpacking what the Recall is really all about.


The First Year:

Governor Mike Dunleavy has now been elected and here comes Recall Dunleavy newly formed by Alaska AFL-CIO, CIRI, NEA-Alaska, Rasmuson Foundation, Planned Parenthood and everybody else that is on the pictures below.  Clearly they are NOT the ones that voted for Governor Mike Dunleavy to begin with. Their smear campaign against him started the day he announce he was running for Governor. 

Now the big question is…  What is he accused of doing that has them all upset?  

Simple answer: 

Governor Mike Dunleavy wanted to cut their budgets and try to get our Government (Lawbreaking Legislators in Juneau), Alaska House MajorityAlaska Senate MajorityAlaska Senate DemocratsAlaska House Republicans to pass a balanced budget that matches the revenue Alaska has coming in.  Recall Dunleavy unfortunately, “Feels” he has no rights to be able to cut their budgets.  The Special Interests listed in the Pictures all think they are the only ones that can tell our Legislators and Governor where that money is allowed to be spent.  If you don’t believe me.  Take a look at what is happening with the Coronavirus money from the Federal Government.  For two months they knew how much was coming in.  Less than 24 hours after finally saying here is where that money is to go.  These same Far Left groups have Lawyers sue our State saying that our Governor has once again broken the Law.  What is their reasoning?  The short answer: The Special Interests didn’t get it all for themselves to spend.  Just the Lions share of it.  

Here is a list of the Charges Recall Dunleavy has filed to have him Recalled:

  • Violated Alaska law when he originally refused to appoint a judge to the Palmer Superior Court within 45 days of receiving nominations;

  • Violated state law and the constitution and misused state funds by unlawfully and without proper disclosure, authorizing using state funds for partisan purposes;

  • Ignored separation of powers using line-item veto to attack the judiciary and keep the Legislature from upholding its constitutional health, education and welfare duties;

  • Acted incompetently by mistakenly vetoing $18 million more than he told the Legislature. Uncorrected, the state could have lost $40 million in federal Medicaid funds.

Fast forward just a bit from the filing day.  They have now collected the signatures and declare they are ready for them to be counted.  They get them certified and are ready for the Lieutenant Governor Kevin Meyer to either accept or rejected their Petition to Recall the Governor.  Because some of the things they have listed above is the job of Legislators and the Governor to deal with and the rest is based on how they “Feel” about the powers he has.  Lieutenant Governor Meyer Rejects it.  

Off to court they go….  Fast Forward again…  Their day in Alaska’s Superior court comes.  Watch for yourselves how the Judge declare because of how they “Feel” about it, is all that matters.  Actually doing something wrong, just doesn’t apply here.  It’s all based on their feelings that the Governor has no rights to be able to cut their budgets.  By the very end of this it was painfully clear the Judge had already made up his mind before this hearing had started:

Lets be Honest, I don’t care about their feeling, what are the facts. That is what I want to know.  

So far, they don’t have any. 

Tip of the Day:  If you want only the feelings argument to be how you judge a person, keep watching what is on MSM. They stopped reporting the news a long time ago and are completely on the Far Lefts Agenda.  Putting into print lots of fiction mixed in with lots of feelings and no real facts to backup what they are saying. Just enough of the Truth to make it believable.

But please, please believe us. We are MSM, why would we Lie to you? Unfortunately, it is all they seem to give us anymore. Who cares if the facts say you are wrong. Your feelings on the subject, is what is more important. Right?

If you think I’m just making things up like they are doing.  Take a look at who has signed the Recall Petition:

Recall Dunleavy has their day in the Supreme Court where Feelings now are the RULE OF LAW and actual crimes don’t have to happen to be considered guilty, nor having any proof one has been committed.

Take note. Not a single thing here is in anyway should any governor be recalled for. These folks are just wanting him removed because he wouldn’t play the political games that keeps those who started this Recall and who are Running it, well feed with Pork from the State Budget Trough, they are all feeding off of.

When the head of the Unions at Alaska AFL-CIO, one of the largest Native Corporations CIRI, Non-Profits like Rasmuson Foundation are all campaigning or running it and are giving them hundreds of thousands to finance it. It’s painfully clear what this Recall is really all about. Protect the Special Interests Bottom Line.

Truly a sad day in Alaska when you don’t need any proof to back up what you are trying to Recall the Governor for. The Superior Court of Alaska already declared this case is all about how Alaskans “Feel” about it. Nothing to do with actual laws being broken.  

Fast forward another month.  The Supreme Court now has their verdict.  No surprise to see their ruling was the same as the Superior Courts was.  “Feelings” are all you need to have to remove a sitting Governor. 

Have you ever wondered where Recall Dunleavy and Save our State has been coming up with all the capital to attack our Governor with and are always showing up in record numbers, to testify and protest?   Why they have all of MSM giving them free press and airtime?  You know…. The ones that have high paid lobbyists in Juneau and make more money per year than the average Alaskan would ever dream of making and think “Our PFD” is their personal Piggy Bank, to rob from. 

Well, wonder no more.

Here is the list of people that run Recall Dunleavy and Save Our State.  The pictures featured below are a pretty good list of every single organization that is financing it all and running them both.


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