The Accident Report…
If we see it, we’ll stream it!


The Accident Report! 

“If we see it, we’ll stream it!”  Accidents in Alaska happen everyday.  Things you can do to make sure you and your family stay safe on our Alaskan Roads.
  1. Buckle Up
  2. Drive The Speed Limit
  3. Winter driving conditions does not mean you drive like it is summer time.
  4. If it’s snowing, slow it down.
  5. Left Lane doesn’t mean you drive slower.  If you are not passing someone. Get out of the Left Lane!
  6. last Tip….  If you see another Alaskan Waving at you with their Middle Finger. Check your Privilege and take stock why that just happened.  Rarely is it not deserved.  But it happens, just like getting into an Accident in Alaska!

Accident New Seward Highway & 36th Ave
November 28, 2017:

It was a bad one…. mile 97 on the Parks Highway December 7, 2017:

Open to one lane as of an hour and a half ago


We need your Help… 

Exposing the Corruption that is happening in Juneau and around our Great State of Alaska has turned into a fulltime job. We are working hard to report what MSM won’t tell us, expose our Corrupt Legislators for who they really are and what they don’t want you to know. But, we need your help to do it. By Chipping in a couple of bucks, we will be able to expand our reach and improve our content to you! Help Us Grow and Chip in a few dollars today. 

We are just getting started! 

Politadick, Exposing the Corruption in Alaska with Facts, that Local Media won’t dare show you!

We here at Politadick need your Support. Without your donations we cannot afford to keep “Breaking the News” that MSM and our Legislators refuse to tell you. We are looking to find 3500 people willing to donate $5-$100 dollars a month.  With your support we are looking to expand our content that we are bringing to you across all Platforms of Social Media.  All donations go directly back into keeping Politadick expanding our reach to all of you!

For Every $200.00 Donation made right now we will send you a “Make Alaska Great Again” Hat.  Six colors to choose from:
Red, White, Blue/Navy Blue, Pink, Royal Blue & Black.  Make sure when you make your donation to give your Full Address, Email and color of hat that you would like shipped to you.

You can also now find us on:
Twitter @Politadick 
Instagram @Politadick 
Website @

As we grow we will be adding to the list of where you can find our Postings.  By January we are looking to take things to the next level with Weekly and one day Daily Podcasts, Live-Streaming to all Media Channels.  But the only way we will be able to make that happen is with your Support. 

Anything you can give helps.

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