About Us

About Us

Are you as sick and tired as I am? 

Everything that has to do with Conservative Views from our Local Media, MSM (Main Stream Media) seems to get buried on the Back Page and given less than a :30 second slot on the nightly news.  But when it comes to the Democrats, Socialists, Rino’s and Special Interest of Alaska:  They spend hours and page after page, reporting about it.

You know who they are.  They are always printing and reporting op-eds  from some Far Left leaning Socialist Democrat/Rino from our Government or Special Interests organizations. 

Making claims, only they have the solution, cure to all of our problems.  The last five years they have done nothing but steal from children and every Alaskan, to pay for what they call the cure for all our problems, that produces the worst results in the nation.

You know who they are.  I point them out on a daily basis exposing the dirt they want to keep buried from us all.  

So what can we do?  How can we change that?  Simple Answer:  It takes an Army of People working together to fight this war we are waging against the Agenda we hear about on a Daily Basis. 

I started Politadick to expose what they don’t want us to know.  Stories like: “them” Paying our PFD’s, and using “Tax Revenue” for the last two years.  

A new series exposing the Voter Fraud happening in our State.  Did you Know Felons can vote in Alaska?  Thanks to a Loophole, They have been now for nearly a decade.

Exposing Legislators that have a clear conflict of Interest, openly declare the Non-Profits their families own, deserve our PFD’s more than we do and heading the Finance Committees making sure that happens. 

How can you help?  Unlike the the other side, (You know who I’m talking about)  We don’t have the Unlimited money flowing in the door to pay for everything we are trying to do.  We want to be able to take the fight right to them.  But as I said above it takes an army to expose the dirt they want to keep buried.  With your help we can grow that army into one force to be reckoned with.  

Thanks to everyone who has already chipped in a few bucks, we have been growing!  Taking what we get and putting it right back into the fight, improving the quality of our video production that we do.  

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